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16 Most Powerful Characters in the Marvel Universe


Here is a list of 16 most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe.

16. Vulcan


Vulcan is the brother of Scott Summers and Ales Summers both mutants however unlike them he is an omega level mutant. He has the ability to manipulate all forms of energy at will and can absorbs them as well, even magic. He has fought on par with the likes of Black Bolt and has fought against the X-men, Inhumans and Starjammers simultaneously though he was overpowered. He was once the Emperor of the Shi’ar Empire but is later overthrown. He is believed to be dead but it is actually unknown.

15. Skaar


Skaar is the son of The Hulk in an alternate reality. He possesses powers similar to his father, but greater. His physical strength is so high, that he cracked the armor of the Juggernaut and sent him into the outer atmosphere with one punch, which is something that was considered impossible and that even his father failed to do. He has survived blasts from the Power Cosmic, and falls from outer space. His healing factor is superior to the likes of both Hulk and Wolverine.

14. Odin


Odin the monarch of Asgard and the strongest of all Asgardians, even his son Thor. He can manipulate magic for a variety of effects including strength augmentation,size augmentation, various magical enchantments, fire energy blasts, and others. He also, as the monarch of Asgard, can absorb the powers of all the Asgardians into himself to greatly augment his already formidable powers. Odin is immortal and thus cannot die die by any natural means. His regular strength level is around 60 tons.

13.  Hercules


Hercules is the son of Zeus, the Sky father and King of the Greek Gods and is thus an Olymian God Prince. Hercules is considered the physically strongest character in the whole marvel universe. Literally the strongest, even over characters such as Thor, Hulk, and the Destroyer. He has pulled the entire island of Manhattan which weighed 99,000,000,000 tons, he has overpowered the likes of Thor (who can shatter planets with his blows), manhandled the Hulk (who has shattered objects twice the size of the Earth), and literally held up the incalculable weight of the heavens which would make the weight of a planet literally seem as if nothing. In addition to his legendary strength, Hercules possesses durability to such a degree that blasts from the cosmic being Nova did not harm him at all and projectiles such as bullets are completely beneath his notice. He can survive in the vacuum of space unaided, and has near limitless stamina. He is virtually immortal and does not age at all (he is over 3000 years old but looks like a healthy man in his prime). In addition, Hercules possesses the adumantite mace (an indestructible mace)and the skin of the Namean Lion (which he wears upon his back) which protects him from virtually all harm. Despite their constant rivalry and fighting, Hercules is a long time and great friend to Thor who is the Prince of the Norse Gods.

12. Grandmaster


The Grandmaster is an eternal, the same race as the Runner and the Champion. He is vastly intelligent, old, and powerful. He possesses telepathy, and other psionic powers such as telekinesis to a high degree, mind alteration, mind wipe etc. He has supernatural physical characteristics as well such as being able to lift 25 tons and having faster than human movements and reflexes. Another notable power of his is the ability to completely restore the injured or ill, no matter how heavily damaged or sick they are. But he can go even beyond that and is capable of actually bringing the dead back to life. Perhaps most notable of all, is that the Grandmaster is immortal and literally can’t be killed by any means because Death itself has banished him from the land of the dead. No matter what trajectory or cunning, the Grandmaster cannot be killed. The Grandmaster also has a mania, almost a reliance of games. They amuse him emphatically and has spent much of his time playing various games over the last few thousand years.

11. Galactus


One of the strongest in the universe. Eats entire planets, possesses vast knowledge, unlimited cosmic power, and gave beings as strong as the Silver Surfer their power and is still in an entire different power league.

10. Magus


The Magus’s power is comparable to that of Galactus. His main power is unlimited shape shifting. He can become virtually any substance, any size (larger than suns), any shape, and any color. He can turn into things such as starships, cannons, etc. Potentially he could make himself into a massive cannon the size of a planet and destroy anything in space. His possibilities are limitless. He also possesses extremely powerful telepathy and can learn things such as languages in an instant.

9. Mikaboshi


Mikaboshi is an abstract being of far greater power than even the Sky father beings such as Odin or Zeus. He has defeated Zeus, the king of the Sky father and most powerful of the Greek Gods on 2 separate occasions. His powers include immortality, shape-shifting,super strength, various energy projections, etc.

8.  Cyttorak


Cyttorak is possibly the single strongest magical being in all of the marvel universe. His power is so great that even Galactus, was helpless to free himself from the power of Cytorrak, who had imprisoned Galactus. He is the source of the powerful Juggernaut’s power and the elite magicians of the universe including Dr. Strange, and even Dormammu and Zom, invoke Cyttorak’s name to power their spells. Inside his own dimension, Cyttorak’s power is limitless.

7.  Phoenix Force

Phoenix Force

Phoenix Force is the most feared being in the universe. Single handedly defeated Galactus himself and over powered even the mkraan crystal.

6.  Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards

One of the rare omega level mutants, He has the ability to warp reality on a much more massive scale than Proteus. Though in his child form he never could completely control his immeasurable powers, however it is said that his power equals that of the Celestials. He i quite possibly the strongest mutant to ever exist.

5.  Eternity


The very embodiment of time. Eternity can manipulate space, time, and reality itself as he wishes. His power is greater even than the likes of Galactus.

4.  Living Tribunal

Living Tribunal

The living tribunal is considered the second strongest being in the marvel universe second only to the one above all (and later on, The Beyonder). He is so powerful that even Thanos with the infinity gauntlet making him stronger than the entire marvel universe combined did not dare to engage The Living Tribunal in combat. The living tribunal is the supreme authority in the marvel universe save The One Above All. His power is absolutely limitless.

3.  Beyonder


A near omnipotent and vastly powerful mutant inhuman. He is the most powerful being in the Marvel multiverse second alone to The One Above All. He was so strong, that all the Marvel abstracts (such as Eternity, Infinity and Death), supreme cosmic beings (such as Galactus and the Stranger), and The Living Tribunal himself were left at his mercy.

2. One-Above-All


One-Above-All is the most powerful being in the marvel multiverse. He alone possesses greater power than the living tribunal and Beyonder. He is believed to represent the creators of marvel (Jack Kirby and Stan Lee) And while he is technically another entity, he has taken the form of Jack Kirby to demonstrate what he really is which is the grand authority in the marvel universe.

1.  Deadpool


In the storyline Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, the X-Men sends Deadpool to a mental hospital for therapy. The doctor treating him is actually Psycho-Man in disguise, who attempts to torture and brainwash Deadpool into becoming his personal minion. The procedure fails, but leaves Deadpool even more mentally unhinged; as a result, he kills Psycho-Man and begins assassinating every superhero and supervillain in Marvel Universe (everyone listed above) one by one in an attempt (apparently) to rebel against his comic book creators. The book ends with him breaking into the ‘real’ world and confronting the Marvel writers and artists who are currently writing the book. Before he proceeds to enter he turns to the reader, promising that once he’s done with this universe, “I’ll find you soon enough.”


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    • You are missing protege, thanos with heart of the universe, molecule man, fulcrum, mad Jim Jaspers, fury, and some other people who I can’t think of right now. Dead pool being first was just a joke and some of the characters on you list are mid tier not high tier characters

      • I think dead pool listed as the strongest is an interesting concept since he’s the only character that can break the 4th wall.

        I do feel like the sentry should be here, despite not being a fan, since he slapped the hell out of galactus and no one has any idea how strong he really is.

        • Well blonde phantom and Loki broke the wall to.

          Factual strongest characters for marvel universe are: prc beyonder, one above all, thanos with heartov, molecule man, then it can be disputed from here depending on conditions.

  • The one among all isn’t as powerful as the beyonder. If you don’t count the retcon, then beyonder was stronger. TOAA is god of the marvel multiverse, but beyonder is from beyond that, he is the rest of the omniverse which is 1000× more than the multiverse, so originally, beyonder is the strongest

    • I know you like your idea of the Beyonder, and you are a fan of him and all… But, The One Above All is Stan and Jack… They could simply make TOAA make Beyonder, shall we say, “Non-existent”. So thus, TOAA is the strongest, he is god, no he is just there, you know. He created the Marvel universe, thus he created the Beyonder. Or they created the Beyonder.

  • Really disappointed in this list and its follow-up. They’re both open to debate and really poorly written/edited, with a complete lack of references or sources. I’d like to expect more from this website.

  • Following on from the Deadpool post, ‘our’ Deadpool from the mainstream universe managed to kill that Dreadpool at the end of Deadpool kills Deadpool. In this issue it’s revealed that Deadpool actually has the power to change his stories to fit how he thinks they should be, as an example in the issue he is stabbed through the chest with a chainsaw but minutes later his suit is perfectly fine.

  • I disagree with dead pool being #1. He should not even be in the top 50. And no scarlet witch. This list sucks. And you forgot the raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy.

    • Since Deadpool was actually able to first figure out that he was a comic book hero and later escape it to kill the authors and then the reader. That would make him the strongest because he could just remove all the other characters, including TOAA.

    • Neither of those characters are top 16. my top 7 list would be:
      1.the one above all
      2.the fulcrum
      3.pre-retain beyonder
      4. Sige-Neg when he absorbed the power of the Big Bang
      5.pre-recon molecule man
      6.thanos with the heart of the universe
      7.protege(might rank higher)

      • if you watch other not sooo idiotic lists like the one we have here fella (im not talkin about yours) youd know that the living tribunall is actually the 2 most powerfull

    • the raccoon from guardians of the galaxy. Your joking right deadpool not being in the top 50, do you even know marvel universe or feel like you do so you comment stuff like this

  • TOAA represents the writer, so he created Deadpool, therefore TOAA is stronger than Deadpool. Deadpool is constantly overrated and he’s just a rip-off of DC’s Deathstroke. Also you missed out characters like Mad Jim Jaspers, Scathan the Approver and Protege. Do some more research next time.

    • So what if he’s a copy of deathstroke? Deadpool was created as a joke and was meant to be a blatant ripoff of Deathstroke from the start. So what if TOAA created deadpool? Whether he’s overrated or not, Deadpool still killed the marvel universe, including TOAA. They are at least on equal ground

      • Deadpool is no where near TOAA. The fact that you think that is super surprising. TOAA is all knowing so if deapool knew that he was in a comic that means TOAA also knows. And besides the strongest character deapool killed in that comic was uatu the watcher ( he did this using a machine he stole from reed Richards so he didn’t even kill him with his own powers)

  • Was it Dreadpool, not Deadpool who killed the writers? He’d realised that with infinite versions of characters that he couldn’t kill them all, since he can only do them in one at a time, hence he could never achieve his aim. So how does that make him no.1? And when the writes die, then everything else dies, including everythign he is trying to kill. So he is either god of nothing, or insane and imagining it.

  • You forgot one… the all mighty Squirrel Girl, who easily defeated Deadpool, too, when Deadpool got out of control. So that really makes her the most powerful entity in the marvel universe. Nice 😀

  • First of all, Deadpool should not be on this list. He shouldn’t even be in top 100. Get that non canon crap out. Second where the heck is Thanos?????? He should be on list.

    • he killed everyone in the marvel universe and litteraly caant die only one who could beat him i think is thanos cuz he gave deadpool his immortality and he could easily take it away and kill him

    • I agree shouldn’t be #1, but not top 100? now you’re just being stupid. He is immortal and already killed or tried to kill everyone in the marvel universe so just shut up before you make yourself even more dumb

  • Really surprised Thanos is not on list. He collected 4-6 infinity stones from cosmic beings without even fighting. Simply outsmarted them. Knowledge is power too.

  • Holy smoke! And I forgot like literally one of if. Or the most powerful character as well in Marvel. The GodKiller. A being more than 25000 feet tall that killed ALL of the celestials easily. Where is it on the list? The GodKiller is easily top 5. There is no way it shouldn’t be on this list as well. Lol

  • DeadPool may have killed all the Marvel universe on his comics… DeadPool comics are jokes and don’t deserve to be taken seriously just like the silver age SuperMan!

    the strongests characters on the enterteniment are: Goku, SuperMan, One Punch Man, Beyonder – One Above all is just GOD, so, doesn’t count…

  • Deadpool #1 obviously a joke. My opinion the list is pretty good but some characters should be ahead of others. Protege not on list, good choice. … he is from some random universe and dose not deserve a spot on the list but. Pre retcon molecule man, infinity, thanos and tyrant should def be on there. …

  • umm deadpool? saying that deadpool is the strongest is like saying a god that eats planets is the worse than just a guy who can heal superfast

    • Lets assume you are The God. And if I kill you and erase all of your creations out of existence does’t that make me stronger than you?

      • He’s not even anything WITH the gauntlet. Living Tribunal made it not work because he wanted to.

        Now HOTU is a different matter. Thanos had to depower himself or else there’s nothing anyone could have done. He consumed literally everyone.

  • I have an argument

    Bobby, the “iceman” is also one of the strongest he just doesnt know how to use his powers to their full potential, he thinks hes freezing things with water but really hes pulling so much energy out of that area that it freezes. So in theory he would be abke to destroy everything. Even galactus by freezing him and then breaking the ice quickly or somethings, so i think iceman should be there

    • SENTRY With the power of million exploding sun, he even stalemated or defeated Galactus, able to break Hulk limbs like a twig and he even fought all the Marvel roosters in The Siege. Check it clearly dude.


  • I don’t know much about Marvel, but isn’t One-Above-All the strongest character? I mean, isn’t he God? or Jack Kirby as I’ve heard?

  • PR Beyonder was more powerful than TOAA.

    Molecule Man was stated to be the most powerful being in the universe, without exception, and Beyonder slapped his shit in a single panel.

    • Did you not read about Skaar? He is way more powerful than hulk. Go and actually look at the comics and NOT JUST THE GODDAMN MOVIES! this is about comic books, not movies that show none of the 100ish most powerful

  • Well Deadpool can be defeated he is kind of imortal BUT you can’t regenerate memory so if someone like lets say Mikaboshi sends a blast to Deadpool’s face his brain would probably explode but he can’t regenerate his memory so he forgets his ninja skills some guys ARE imortal but if they send a blast to Deadpool’s face not KO but he needs to learn all of his ninja skills again

  • Are you fucking kidding me?!? DeadPool!! He’s not even in the top 30.. Put him in a room with the door locked and he’s stuck there.. Stupid fuckin list.

    • You underrate deadpool to an exceptional amount. While I agree that he should be lower on this list he still is ridiculously overpowered. He can change his stories to make them how he wants. To be completely honest, he is just a ridiculous. Even though Deadpool kills Marvel is noncanon, you still have where he is at with facing Thanos for Mistress deaths love. At the end he beats the shit out of both creation and Thanos. No he is not number 1 at all but he is still in the top 5.

  • Obviously, it’s an opinion that gives some description as to why. If you don’t agree, make your own… It’s really that simple. An fun read for someone who doesn’t know much about the Marvel Universe. Keep the comments coming, I love it.

  • Um did u forget the fact that the WHITE PHEONIX OF THE CROWN lives outside the Marvel Omniverse and even when ur #1 killed the Marvel Universe…IT WOULD NOT EFFCT HER… She holds every single Universe,Dimension,Pocket dimension, every friggin thing… Holds it all in her palms… And she has about 3 options.. Heal that universe,Make a brand new one,Or totally destroy it……. So the whole time it took Deadpool to destroy it… She could’ve done it in an instant… SO NO MATTER WHAT Franklyn,One-Above-All,Beyonder.. IT WILL NOT EFFECT HER IN NO TYPE OF WAY…. In other words she controls every universe that everyone lives in,control,and made….. Bam eat that!!!!!!😵😵😵😵

    • The reason dead pool is the strongest is because dead pool knows he is a comic book character all he has to do in theory is kill the marvel comics creator and by default killing everyone and everything in the marvel universe. Dead pool is the only marvel character to know that he lives in a comic book reality there fore it maybe possible for dead pool to be as powerful as his imagination allows him, he can write his own destiny, he is not at the mercy of Stan lee

      • Deadpool is NOT the only character who knows that he’s in a comic book. Read Byrne’s She-Hulk. (and there are others).

  • This is the most ignorant post and thread. All of those are godly except deadpool. Who couldn’t kill absolutely any of the above listed….. the beholder would literally put him in a snow globe and toy with him. Hercules can literally throw him to the other side of space. Not to mention bullets bounce off almost all the above listed….. but deadpool ordinary swords kill them. Over half of them would just think him home and no more

  • The One (Above All) is the most powerful cos he’s the representation of the MARVEL Creator like Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. NUFF SAID!!!

  • This is one of the best lists i’ve ever seen. The only one’s that could be realistically added to this list is Spectre, protege, molecule man and Dr. Manhattan in my opinion. Honorable mention would be the hulk, captain atom, flash, captain marvel, silver surfer, thor, superman, martian manhunter, gladiator, sentry, and mephisto.

  • No, Deadpool is NOT #1 in this list. He should not even be on the list. Many marvel characters have “Kills the marvel universe” books. The deadpool one is a 3 part series where he kills the lesser powerful beings in the universe then hops to classical stories that influenced the characters when he realized they would keep respawning, then hopped to the real world and killed the creators. Shit loads (and I mean SHITLOADS) of characters in the marvel universe have the ability to jump through the multiverse. His physical power adds up to combat and martial arts accompanied by the inability to die. not that special compared to the beyonder or the one above all. or even thanos for that matter. (who cursed deadpool and gave him his “power” in the new marvel comic universe)

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