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25 Uplifting Headlines of the Week – Part 46

Here are this week’s uplifting headlines.

1-5 Uplifting Headlines of the Week

Image credit: kdvr.com

1. JetBlue caps direct flight ticket prices out of Florida at $99 ahead of Hurricane Irma. – Source

2. Coca-Cola grants permission to two men in Beaumont, Texas, a city with no water to steal bottled water from the company’s warehouse. – Source

3. Tesla remotely extends the range of vehicles for free in Florida to help owners escape Hurricane Irma. – Source

4. UT regent donates $25M to the school of social work to alleviate students’ debt because ‘they’re heroes’. – Source

5. Florida man who gave generator to a stranger down on her luck gets a free one. – Source

6-10 Uplifting Headlines of the Week

Image credit: twitter.com

6. Cat believed lost in B.C. wildfire turns up after 52 days. – Source

7. This 1,000-year-old oak tree survived Hurricane Harvey: Oaks are poised to thrive in a changing climate. – Source

8. LPGA Tour player donates entire winner’s check of $195,000 to the Houston relief effort. – Source

9. Determined little boy overcomes 22 brain surgeries to make it to the first day of school. – Source

10. The boy who suffered up to 100 seizures a day has none in 300 days after being prescribed cannabis oil. – Source

11-15 Uplifting Headlines of the Week

11. Teen pregnancy in America down 46% since 2007. – Source

12. Donated organs of 13-year-old girl help record eight people to live. – Source

13. Southwest Airlines flies cabin full of shelter animals out of Houston following Hurricane Harvey. – Source

14. Teen held captive for a month escapes kidnappers by swimming across the lake to safety. – Source

15. A Muslim landowner took in dozens of Christians to protect them from Islamic extremists. – Source


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  • For #12, what is a “help record”? I have heard of rock records, country records, heavy metal records, and hip hop records. Oh, is that like Tony Robins self help on vinyl?


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