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3 Interesting Maps of the Week

We have decided to start a new segment called Maps of the week. Please comment below on how you like this segment and if you would like more such maps in the future. So here goes the part 1 of this segment.

01. Olympic Gold Medalists

01. Olympic Gold Medalists

Every Olympic gold medalist in men’s water polo since 2000 was born within the marked area.

The list of gold medal winning countries (in case anyone else is interested)

2000: Hungary.

2004: Hungary.

2008: Hungary.

2012: Croatia.

2016: Serbia.

01. Some Prespective

Here is a perspective of how big the circle is.

There are two main reasons for this. Tradition (kids are joining local water polo clubs at early ages). Competitive leagues (Yugoslavia was one league and since 2008. CRO/MNE/SRB have set their differences aside and created their own league with Italian and Slovenian clubs joining it occasionally)



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  • Yeah great new section.
    Interesting to see the; not-your-every-day maps.
    Especially the maps which can change your perspective on a subject.
    Please more in the future.

  • Good stuff, looking forward for this kind of content in the future. It’d be awesome if it’s possible to feature content like early human migration, effects of the 2004 tsunami have on islands, and so on.


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