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5 Things You Should Know – Part 73

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. A private data breach affecting one of the largest content delivery networks on the Web.


Change your passwords, and if you run a website that uses CloudFlare’s services, tell your users to change theirs.



Many popular online brands are affected: DigitalOcean, 4chan, Transport for London (a UK Gov’t website), Discord, AndroidAuthority blog, Archive.is, AshleyMadison and “AshleyRnadison” (lol), CyanogenMod, BTC-e, and certainly many, many more.

It is absolutely imperative that you change your passwords on any sites that have the same password for your account on an affected site.

2. The difference between odd and even numbered sizes for women’s clothes.

women clothes sizing

If you visit the “juniors” section of a store, the sizes will be odd numbered, whereas the “women’s” section has even numbers.

“Juniors” clothes, with odd numbers, are generally made for the more “teenage” body type. They have slim hips and less curviness.

Even numbered sizes are known as “misses,” and they are made for larger hips and bust.

Some women get frustrated when shopping in the “wrong” section, and finding that things don’t fit right.


3. There are “solar energy marketplace” websites where solar installers bid against each other for potential installs.

solar market place

A few of them seems similar to what Kayak.com does for flights:




4. How to save money on trash bags.

trash bag

It’s all about the thickness and it’s listed in the fine print on the box. Look at the thickness of the expensive name brand bag and then see if you can find the same for the generic version.

5. There’s no need to pay someone to side-load Kodi (jailbreak) your Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV, you can do it yourself for free.

fire stick

Here is a completely free step by step tutorial on how to side-load Kodi (jailbreak) your Amazon Fire Stick. http://troypoint.com/how-to-install-kodi-on-fire-tv/.


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