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5 Things You Should Know – Part 85

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. ThriftBooks.com is a website for second-hand books.


Their delivery is cheap, their content is awesome, and they have textbooks for about $5.

2. The hard disk is most of the times the bottleneck on your computer.


Unless you are a gamer or for whatever reason, you make an intensive use of your CPU for long periods of time, most probably when your computer feels slow it’s due to the writing/reading to the hard disk.

If you are thinking about getting a new computer because it’s become really slow, consider replacing your hard disk with a solid state one (SSD).

3. Genius.com is a website that annotates all of your favorite music including wordplay, references, in-jokes, and slang you’re probably missing.


Like Wikipedia users insert references, in-jokes, wordplay and any slang that they catch in the lyrics and explain the meanings behind them. Some of the references you would never catch from normal listening are pretty outstanding. It works best with lyrically dominant music like rap/hip hop & grime.

4. How to detect ARP poisoning attacks and how to keep your login and password safe.



ARP poisoning is when a machine on your network interferes with information sent to and from your machine and can strip the https out of your pages and give you Http pages instead. This is hurtful because Http is it encrypted and it means your information can be read in plaintext quite easily using ettercap or any other similar software.

5. You can google only .pdf by searching with “filetype:pdf”.


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