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5 Things You Should Know – Part 86

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. You can just cancel most 30-day “free” trials immediately after you begin them.


And still enjoy the service for the duration of the trial without worrying about forgetting, and being tricked into subscribing.

2. How to mail a package.


This is how you should mail expensive items:

  • Pack into a medium-sized cardboard box. Seal with tape. This will be the inner box. Label the box with the return address and tracking number in case the outer shipping box is damaged.
  • Pack the inner box in a large packaging box from the delivery service or a sturdy (corrugated preferably), unmarked shipping box (at least an inch wider than the smaller box in every dimension).
  • Pack the shipping box with packing material to protect the inner box during shipping.
  • Seal the shipping box with gummed, reinforced paper mailing tape or pressure-sensitive shipping tape. Write the tracking number on the box.
  • Disguise mailing information that it never mentions the value of items inside.
  • Require a signature to be obtained upon delivery, using Registered Mail whenever possible. (use discretion based on value of item)
  • Never ship valuables in any type of envelope or folder.
  • Don’t use string, rope, masking tape or cellophane tape to seal the package.
  • Don’t indicate anywhere on the box or label that the package contains anything of value.

3. Reporting text spamming is incredibly Simple and helpful.


This is another form of illegal marketing, texting without consent that can be pretty painful if your phone number has ever been leaked or posted online, you probably get these texts quite frequently

For the main the carriers in the states the process is incredibly streamlined and simple, all you have to do is copy the text, and send it to (SPAM) “7726” you will get a response almost immediately asking you to respond next with the number that sent it, send the number and boom, you’re done.

At least In Verizon’s case, they will also follow up with how to block the number from ever contacting you again.

4. How to use Plex Media Server without internet access.


This article really helps you to use Plex media server without any issues.

5. You can disable the annoying youtube recommended videos when you pause a video by using a simple uBlock Origin filter.


Step 1: Install uBlock Origin.

Step 2: Right click the uBlock icon once installed, and go to Options

Step 3: Go to My filters

Step 4: Add the following to the text field:


Step 5: Hit apply changes.

Step 6: ???

Step 7: Profit

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