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Here are interesting facts of the day.

1-5 Facts of the day


1. Bottlenose dolphins like to do drugs by finding pufferfish, (which produce a powerful neurotoxin and are deadly to eat) and gently chew on them to “get high” on a small amount of the toxin, and will even pass a pufferfish around to other dolphins to share the “drugs.” Puff puff pass! – Source

2. In Switzerland, it’s illegal to own just one guinea pig because they’re prone to loneliness. – Source

3. Tom Hanks is a big fan of community colleges. Since he had poor grades in high school and lousy SAT scores Hanks ended up at Chabot, a nearby community college, because it accepted everyone and was free. – Source

4. William Randolph Hearst was expelled from Harvard in 1887 for sponsoring large beer parties in Harvard Square and sending chamber pots to his professors. – Source

5. In the mid-1980s, before digital circuitry became affordable, Nissan used tiny vinyl records for their voice warning system (to tell drivers doors were open, for example). – Source

6-10 Facts of the day

Image credit: freetheslaves.net
Image credit: freetheslaves.net

6. Harriet Tubman freed hundreds of slaves on combat missions on Union gunboats. – Source

7. Croatia and Serbia have a border dispute because they marked their border using the Danube River, and it has since changed course. Serbia claims the current course, Croatia claims the old course. – Source

8. One of the reasons why your bank freezes your credit card if you’re buying gas is because gas stations are testing ground for identity/credit card thieves. If thieves can successfully fill up at a gas station with your credit, they know they can make a bigger purchase immediately elsewhere. – Source

9. The closest star to our Sun, Proxima Centurai, has a potentially habitable planet in its orbit: Proxima B. – Source

10. Half the world’s reserves of Lithium, a key ingredient in batteries everywhere, are in politically turbulent Bolivia. – Source


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