Here are 10 kickass and interesting facts about Colonel Sanders.

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1. In 2011, a KFC employee discovered a 200 page, type-written manuscript written by Colonel Sanders consisting of recipes, anecdotes, and life lessons. – Source

2. Colonel Sanders made surprise visits to KFC restaurants. If dissatisfied with the food he threw it on the floor while cursing out the employees. – Source

3. Before starting KFC, Colonel Sanders worked at a gas station and got into a gunfight with a rival gas station manager. – Source

4. Before starting Wendy’s, Dave Thomas worked under Colonel Sanders at KFC and even invented their widely used KFC chicken bucket. – Source

5. According to Urban Legend, the Japanese basketball team, Hanshin Tigers are under the curse of Colonel Sanders – Source

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colonel sanders

6. Colonel Sanders was once a successful lawyer, but his legal career ended when he got into a courtroom brawl with his client. – Source

7. Colonel Sanders asked Bill Summers of Marion-Kay Spices to recreate his secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. While alive, Sanders recommended the Marion-Kay seasoning to franchisees over the corporate version, as he believed the latter had been made inferior by its owners. It’s now sold as 99X. – Source

8. Colonel Sanders was not seen wearing anything other than his white suit for the later part of his life. – Source

9. Colonel Sanders started a restaurant after he sold KFC. The restaurant uses “their knowledge of Southern Recipes” which means the chicken you get there will be closer to the original KFC recipe. – Source

10. The restaurant where Colonel Sanders came up with the KFC recipe is still open and has a Museum in it. – Source


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