10 Largest Tactical Screw-ups the Allies made during WW2

January 21, 2016
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  1. Charles de Wit says:

    Maybe not a screw up, but a forgotten battle after Market Garden:

    1. 28th infantry division was named “Bloody Bucket” because of it’s insignia, not because of the number of casualties they usffered in Hürtgen Forest. Just a heads up!

    2. Kevin Barry says:

      Are any comments on this article considered “The comment is a spam”. Testing. Testing.

    3. The 28th infantry division was actually nicknamed “The Bloody Bucket” by the Germans because of their division’s insignia, not because of the casualties suffered in Hürtgen Forest. Still though, it’s fitting in either respect.

  2. Kevin says:

    It was actually called “the bloody bucket” because of the 28th infantry division’s insignia being a red “bucket” shape and not because of the casualties they suffered as the article states. However, the name still works in both respects with those casualties! Dang!

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