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10 Lesser Known Animals

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  1. I love African Wild Dogs, I had the pleasure of seeing them when I went to Africa and they’re such awesome animals!

  2. John Cook says:

    Good job. You got me on the streaked tenrec, the numbat and the Nyala. I have not seen these species before. That’s not unusual as there are many animals that are new to science discovered each day. Now to study them.

  3. Chris Key says:

    Wow i never knew that the African wild dog would be unpopular. I quite like them. Great website!

    1. I have a class of 56 and they really enjoy using this website. They were saying about how they think the nub bat looks like me! Anyway great website!!!

  4. The okapi looks like someone dipped it in paint! But i still like the maned wolf. I lived in a safari park for over 2 years i i love them. Nice work!

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