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10 Scariest Theories Known to Man

Here is a list of 10 10 Scariest Theories Known to Man.

1. False vacuum

False vacuum

This is, in short, a scientific hypothesis that our universe is actually in a false phase state as part of a larger universe, like if it were a temporary thing (think the real universe is a pot of boiling water, and we are just within a bubble forming at the bottom of the pot). Eventually however that false vacuum has to pop, even after billions of years in this false state and we and everything we know in our visible universe will disappear in an instant with no warning whatsoever and there is nothing you can do about it.


2. The Great Filter

The Great Filter

It’s a theory about why the universe seems so filled with potential for life and yet we haven’t found it. It states that somewhere between pre-life and an advanced civilization that is capable of colonizing the stars, there’s a Great Filter that stops them and ends life. This means humans fit into one of these three scenarios:

  • We’re rare, meaning we’ve already passed the Great Filter, unlike other civilizations on other planets.
  • We’re the first, meaning conditions in the universe are only now life friendly and we’re among many on our way to the capability of colonization.
  • We haven’t hit the Filter yet, meaning we are f**ked. If this one is true, it means finding life or proof of life on Mars or Europa would be awful news because it would almost certainly mean the Filter is still ahead of us instead of behind us.


3. Brain in a vat

Brain in a vat

The brain in a vat is an element used in a variety of thought experiments intended to draw out certain features of our ideas of knowledge, reality, truth, mind, and meaning. It assumes the following;

  • The brain is the origin of all consciousness.
  • The brain operates on electrical impulses.
  • External stimuli can affect the way the brain operates.
  • Any external stimuli to the brain can be simulated to a degree that the brain cannot distinguish these simulated stimuli from natural stimuli.

The point is that you could be a brain in a jar, being fed false impulses for your entire life by an external source, or you (still a brain in a jar) could be hallucinating your entire life from lack of stimuli.


4. Higher Dimensional Beings

Higher Dimensional Beings

Imagine if there was a 2D person. If you stare at them a certain way, they can’t see you. All you have to do is look from a top view and they won’t know you are there, and they would never know. Living their life as 2D, they would never be able to comprehend how something could be looking down on them.

Now imagine a 4D person. They could be looking at you from a 4 dimensional angle, an angle that you will never understand. They could be right beside you, but you wouldn’t know, and you would never know. Just as we could interact with the 2D person, the 4D person could interact with us. But as long as they don’t want us to, we could never interact with them or not even know of them.


5. Fermi Paradox

Fermi Paradox

Let’s say we have an ant hill in the middle of the forest. And right next to the ant hill, we are building a ten-lane super-highway. And the question is “Would the ants be able to understand what a ten-lane super-highway is? Would the ants be able to understand the technology and the intentions of the beings building the highway next to them?

So it’s not that we can’t pick up the signals from Planet X using our technology, it’s that we can’t even comprehend what the beings from Planet X are or what they’re trying to do. It’s so beyond us that even if they really wanted to enlighten us, it would be like trying to teach ants about the internet.

When Pizarro made his way into Peru, did he stop for a while at an anthill to try to communicate? Was he magnanimous, trying to help the ants in the anthill? Did he become hostile and slow his original mission down in order to smash the anthill apart? Or was the anthill of complete and utter and eternal irrelevance to Pizarro? That might be our situation here.


6. Roko’s Basilisk

Roko's Basilisk

Roko’s basilisk is a proposition that says an all-powerful artificial intelligence from the future may retroactively punish those who did not assist in bringing about its existence. It resembles a futurist version of Pascal’s wager; an argument suggesting that people should take into account particular singularitarian ideas, or even donate money, by weighing up the prospect of punishment versus reward. Furthermore, the proposition says that merely knowing about it incurs the risk of punishment (Now you know about it. You know who to thank while you will be tortured). It is also mixed with an ontological argument, to suggest this is even a reasonable threat.


7. Terror Management Theory

Terror Management Theory

Everything that humanity has ever accomplished beyond basic survival has been motivated by a fundamental and irreducible fear of non-existence. Our conception of self and self-esteem generally is simply a buffer against the anxiety that comes with recognizing that we will cease to be. Culture is just a massive shared delusion to mitigate our fear of the unknown and ultimately of death. Thus we want to imagine certain works of art as timeless or to place value in family lines and offspring, to project ourselves beyond death. We take comfort in our value systems and the structures that arise from them, whether that’s through conceptions of biological kinship, national/ political identity, religious faith, etc. This includes belief in the inherent value of ensuring the future of humanity through scientific progress. Indeed much of modern western life is devoted to the avoidance of death, the various euphemisms and stock phrases in mourning, the entire funeral home industry that serves to remove death from the ordinary course of life, from the home and onto the embalming table or into the crematorium. We build up the artifice to avoid the brutal reality. In short, everything that we’ve ever done and will ever do is motivated by nothing more than our existential terror in confronting death.


8. Quantum Suicide/Quantum Immortality

Quantum Suicide-Quantum Immortality

A man sits down before a gun, which is pointed at his head. This is no ordinary gun; i­t’s rigged to a machine that measures the spin of a quantum particle. Each time the trigger is pulled, the spin of the quantum particle — or quark — is measured. Depending on the measurement, the gun will either fire, or it won’t. If the quantum particle is measured as spinning in a clockwise motion, the gun will fire. If the quark is spinning counterclockwise, the gun won’t go off. There’ll only be a click.

Nervously, the man takes a breath and pulls the trigger. The gun clicks. He pulls the trigger again. Click. And again: click. The man will continue to pull the trigger again and again with the same result: The gun won’t fire. Although it’s functioning properly and loaded with bullets, no matter how many times he pulls the trigger, the gun will never fire. He’ll continue this process for eternity, becoming immortal.

Go back in time to the beginning of the experiment. The man pulls the trigger for the very first time, and the quark is now measured as spinning clockwise. The gun fires. The man is dead.

But, wait. The man already pulled the trigger the first time — and an infinite amount of times following that — and we already know the gun didn’t fire. How can the man be dead? The man is unaware, but he’s both alive and dead. Each time he pulls the trigger, the universe is split in two. It will continue to split, again and again, each time the trigger is pulled. This thought experiment is called quantum suicide.


9. Transcension Hypothesis

Transcension Hypothesis

The hypothesis proposes that once civilizations saturate their local region of space with their intelligence, reach microscopic technological singularity, create a black hole and leave our visible, macroscopic universe in order to continue exponential growth of complexity and intelligence, and disappear from this universe, thus explaining the Fermi Paradox. Developments in astrobiology make this a testable hypothesis. It proposes space, time, energy and matter compression, as a driver of accelerating change, which must lead cosmic intelligence to a future of highly-miniaturized, accelerated, and local “transcension” to extra-universal domains, rather than to space-faring expansion within our existing universe. You can find a much better explanation in this youtube video.

10. Sixth Mass Extinction

Mass Extinction

We are currently living through what many biologists consider to be the sixth mass extinction that the world has ever seen. This is going to be an interesting puzzle for the species that comes after us. It wasn’t until around the year 1800 that humanity reached a population of 1 billion after thousands and thousands of years. In the 215 years since then, the world population has increased to ~7.2 Billion. That exponential growth has very large and long lasting negative effects on our planet, and will continue to do so until we reach carrying capacity or die off.


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  • I don’t think it’s possible to interact with or prove the existence of beings that exist in different dimension sets, even if they only exist in 1 or 2 of the dimensions we exist in, because we only comprehend the existence of things in respect to ALL of the dimensions we inhabit at once. We can’t see something that only exists in terms of height and depth, for example, because it has no width and can’t exist on a three or four dimensional plane. So even if there are beings that exist in more dimensions than we do, I don’t think they’ll ever be able to interact with us.

    • Plus, it’s not like we’ve proved the existence of 2D life – if that can’t even be the case, I’m not sure it would work so well the other way either

    • The interesting thing here is the ancient belief of the spirit realm, Source, etc. Ancient people have long believed in spirit and God, even when holding no knowledge of something as complex as dimensions. The fact that we in this current time possess knowledge of the concept of dimensions (therefore inviting the probability of the existence of dimensional beings, or spirit into realism) is an intriguing coincidence.

    • Why heaven & hell is not imaginable is because it is in the 3rd dimension, we can’t see it or even imagine it to be real, but it is.

    • Yes we must “expand to the stars”. The first step is the Moon, not Mars. Mars is only a very marginal improvement (in some ways) over the Moon. Actually, the Moon has certain advantages, it is the natural “space station” of Earth. It is a natural jumping off point for the rest of the Solar System, and it is well suited to heavy industry – as well as having effectively unlimited energy.

      What’s needed to seriously colonize the Moon are high-performance spacecraft, either nuclear or some similar technology. The way things are looking, it’ll be the Chinese who get them, not the US. The West has become effete due to leftism and ecological paranoia. I hope things can be turned around.

  • You know what’s insane about all these theories? The fact that we as human beings, thought of them! This is all a real head trip. How is it that we can conceive of something that could actually be a possibility but will never ever know the truth about it? You know what I mean?

    How could possibly anyone ever know that the universe may just be a digital simulation? Isn’t the very idea that we thought of that notion proof that it couldn’t be a possibility? If it were a simulation, wouldn’t the simulation make sure that we never conceive the notion that all we know is a fake reality, let alone go ahead and try and test it and come up with proof? And if we were to figure it out and prove it to be true…what happens? An ultimate end to the simulation? What if the simulation is only being perceived by just me? Or just you?

    Why would someone else ask these questions if it it was just meant for only you to see as a simulation? Am I a program in it meant to ask these questions? Am I self aware or am I peeling back layers and becoming aware of it? If I do and I’m right, what happens then?


    • ” Isn’t the very idea that we thought of that notion proof that it couldn’t be a possibility?”

      Or on the contrary, maybe your way of thinking is just a safety measure to ensure you can’t think of it as a possibility, making it a possibility!

      Whenever you think you know what is what, just remember this:

      There is absolutely no way to know if all of creation isn’t in your head, for all I know I am God, creating and destroying existenve every time I sleep and the universe is re-made a new with every dawn.
      We are locked being certain only of our own existence (even THAT is relative), reality is “real” only because we choose it to be.

    • What you believe to be Truth, is true. If you are certain that we are no more then a simulation, then it doesnt need to be proven. Truth is relative to the individual just as a universally accepted idea is relative to an entire people.

    • f**k man that is deep, what really is going on? there definitely is some kind of mind blowing truth out there. Do think the bible is the truth?And if its not, then we are unaware that we are deceived and may never know the truth.

      if the universe is in fact a simulation what does that even mean?

  • No, Truth or The Truth isn’t individual nor can it be chosen or omitted.
    It’s a rule set from a higher source that us (humans).
    However, truth or the truth can be relative and individual.

  • In reference to the multi-dimensional beings; the act of perceiving a lower dimensional being depends on perspective. For example if you draw a picture of a house that is a 2D format. That picture exists on the X-axis and Y-axis but not the Z-axis (it has no depth) this is of course assuming you are viewing it from straight on. Now imagine seeing that same house in a 2D world but seeing it from above. All the different lines that move on both the X and Y axis while viewing the image on the Y plane are spread out in front of you but when you see it from above you are looking down onto the X plane which would make all the lines converge into a single line. The original drawing of the house could be millions of miles high with a floor every 10 feet while viewed in the Y-axis, but when viewed from above the house looks like a single line with no sense of the numerous layers. Now if the same house is viewed facing the Z-axis (a feature we have developed as being with multiple eyes that allow us to view depth) the same phenomenon takes place, the immensely dense house appears as a line. Take away all but a single axis and what is left is only one point to express all of the data of the house drawing. To us and our 3D world we can no longer perceive the house because we cannot interpolate anything from the data given. Just like if a being exists in a higher dimension like in the first theory or in a much smaller dimension like in the ninth theory, it would still be there with al of its data, we just would not be able to perceive it. For instance we have no grounded idea of what lies beyond the singularity of a black hole. We know that there must be an massively dense bit of matter at the center, so dense that the gravity it emits is strong enough to pull light (the fastest moving particle we can observe) into it with no hope of it every escaping. We also know that relatively speaking, gravity is the weakest of the natural forces. Electromagnetism, weak and strong interaction (nuclear forces) and then gravity. Of these, gravity is the least in magnitude. So weak in fact that some scientist hypothesize that it is a force grounded in not our dimension, but bleeding over from another dimension and we only experience it as a fleeting bleed though like effect. Thus there may be an entire other plane of existence that we cannot tangibly perceive but rather observe the affect it has on our own observable dimension. This singularity may exists inside of a black hole, which could be a peep hole into the other dimensions, contain an entire universe within it, be the expression of the actual force of gravity, or it could be a connection to a parallel dimension. Who knows, and that is why all of this is so fascinating.

  • The theory of inter dimensional travel may just end up being true as technology progresses. Black holes being the center of attention, if we can unlock there true potential and manage to fold space & time we can cut down on any fuel costs and simultaneously discover newer more hospitable planets in the long run.

    Look at ancient Egypt, how beautifully and symmetrically the pyramids were arranged with the supposedly limited technology back then, I am sure earth had its forerunners and so did MARS before either they abandoned the planet or were put to extinction.

    One of my own personal theories is that the reason MARS is red in color (As science dictates has a lot of Iron deposits) is because there were living beings possibly Human who were made extinct and there blood infused with the soil (Blood is red because of hemoglobin / Iron) when they died. Hence MARS may show us signs of life afterall. Just a theory 🙂


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