10 Unethical Things You Can Legally Buy

December 30, 2015
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Fur should also be included. Animals are electrocuted and skinned alive at times. Most are kept in fur farms where they are abused and have no access to decent care. They make the puppy mills look like holidays.

    1. Oldsailor65 says:

      I agree that animals should not be killed just for their fur.

  2. Matt says:

    Im surprised that their isnt a law against selling positive pregency tests

  3. Oldsailor65 says:

    I can’t get over the stupidity and selfishness of Asians who don’t mind causing a beautiful animal or any animal being killed so the men can get an erection or the animal’s organs used for “traditional medicine”. STUPID–STUPID–STUPID

    1. Anonymous says:

      What about the millions of Westerner’s who wear fur? Or hunt, and trap animals?

  4. Ace Encomienda says:

    I am surprised that dildos in the shape of crosses and jesus are not included.

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