10 Worst Deaths in History

October 6, 2014
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  1. Yes says:

    Number 9 is written two times

    1. Admin says:

      Oops, sorry. Fixed it.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Yes it is

      2. Derrick says:

        Trump what u doing here

  2. Valen says:

    I checked out the whole source for #2 … let me say this … i almost throw up and had some headaches after finishing reading the last words. In my opinion, #2 was the worst for me.

  3. JM S says:

    In my hometown of stephenville, Newfoundland in the mid to late 1990s, there was a gentleman working at the soon to be decommissioned pulp paper mill. This mill shipped giant rolls of paper out on cargo boats that went all around the world. These rolls weighed tons.
    I can’t recall this guys name but I remember the day it happened.
    This gentleman was operating one of the machines that rolled the paper. For some reason he stopped it for repairs. No one knew this.
    He was checking something when someone started the machine and he was sucked inward and into a tube that measured about two inches in diameter.

    Then entire town of 8000 was traumatized. Most people went to the funeral.

  4. zeca says:

    just fyi, the picture shown in nr 7 is not the murderer Balthasar but rather the murdered William the silent

  5. Benny says:

    I think the focus should’ve on accidental deaths because the other ones are just abusive and cruel. What about the guy who worked at the tuna processing plant in CA and was fried to death? That’s nasty.

  6. brae says:

    It’s fun to read and all but what’s the piont

    1. RISHI says:

      Ha. Just for the humanity of it all!

    2. Angel says:

      I was reading it because I was studying the “worst fate known to man”

  7. yeah,that’s right i wish the same fate to my ex lesbian girlfriend

    1. Airasyraye says:

      You people are filth. How disgusting.

    2. Hannibal says:

      Please don’t use Dean’s name while saying such repulsive things. You’ll stain his rep.

  8. Val says:

    Wow, you sound scary as hell.

    1. John F Kenedy says:

      You’re even scarier. Burned

  9. Nathan says:

    This is absolute sh*t. #2 makes me sad and I’m a guy. Poor girl, rapists are absolutely sick bastards. Let them burn in hell. I wish I hadn’t come upon this site and list f**k you Google. This is just gruesome

    1. TopherUK says:

      You should have stopped reading it. Duh.

    2. Uhm… “And I’m a guy” as if that’s supposed to change anything? What in the actual? I’m a guy, and your comment annoyed the heck out of me. “And I’m a guy” as if normal guys wouldn’t feel bad for her? You’re RIDICULOUS. Never comment again with such blinding ignorance and stupidity.

  10. Busted says:

    You’ve been watching Rob Dyke’s Seriously Strange channel on YouTube, he covered every single on of these events

    1. Admin says:

      This article was published way back in 2014. People all over the internet have copied from this article.

  11. Sean says:

    If their deaths were instantaneous then how would they be one of the worst deaths ever?

  12. Sarcastic Voice says:

    Wow, aren’t you so edgy and tough. We’re all real real impressed by your intimidating internet badassery. Really we are. Yessiree, you’re one baaaad man!

  13. alex says:

    you are sick! thats someones mom, sister, friend, wife…what if that happened to you? People like you need to get out of this world we don’t need any more sickos walking around. you disgust me

  14. Humans are f*cked says:

    I think Alexander the Great and “Saint” Constantine should be up there, especially the latter, they turned torture and sadistic rituals into a art form, Alexander was so barbaric his own men were like f**k this sh*t, and poisoned him he did everything from number (7) and more to hundreds of thousands and Constantine burned the nuns, who helped him bring Christianity to Rome, even killed his own family for power, when he got caught changing and weaponize the religion for his campaign and thus began one of histories brutal times, mixing sexual deviancy and torture as common entertainment.

  15. Anonymous says:

    You guys swear too much. What a f*ck.

  16. john jones says:

    John Jones has it worse then all of these people put together

  17. susan wallett says:

    I think you should be checked out, ou sound deranged and dangerous!

  18. Kunz says:

    I probably shouldnt have read that

  19. mdc says:

    you should add the sylvia likens case. the 16 year old who was tortured by a family of sadists(yes, there were minors like 11 years old) and their friends for a few months. pretty similar to #2

  20. Tejus Coulagi says:

    Kelly Ann Bates?

  21. Tanu says:

    Horrifying deaths. The that shocked me the most the one with Junko Frutuo. it really gave me a shock. Poor her.

  22. Meerah says:

    I don’t know I kinda like or should I say obsess over this kind of things am I weird or something?

  23. Kristal S Kerkondis says:

    That is terrible. Why would you wish that on anyone? You sound like a sadistic monster yourself.

  24. Odin says:

    The dudes that did all of that to that Japanese girl I think are not even in prison anymore I think that happened in the late ’80s and because they were 16 or so they wouldn’t try this adults

  25. YourMom says:

    #4 worse than #5 apparently…

  26. ..... says:

    the first one tho

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