It does not matter if you are a male or female, live in the city, town or the suburbs, there are still some life tricks to ease the stress of a busy everyday life.

1. When ironing a shirt with buttons, it is usually very tricky to iron the space between the bottoms and very tedious especially if you are hurrying off to work. Turn your shirt inside out and iron the inside. This will make it easier and more efficient to iron over the button side.

2. There are times you wake up with a need to check something on your back. You can take a picture of your back by setting up your phone camera to 5 seconds delay and stepping back to take it. You can also easily check out your back by using a smaller mirror while standing in front of a bigger mirror. Placing the smaller mirror at your back will enable you to see your back on the big mirror using the small mirror.

3. When opening or servicing electronics especially for the first time, take a picture of the inside before touching it to be able to remember where everything went. The same goes for searching a room or messing with anything for the first time. The picture allows you to rearrange it exactly the way it was if you are living with somebody. It eliminates statements like “you moved my stuff!”

4. When using a pressing iron, the ironing surface accumulates color from continuous ironing and sometimes tends to mess up white clothes. Cleaning it while keeping the surface smooth can be a challenge. Use salt or toothpaste to clean your iron without scratching the ironing surface.

Pour salt on a sheet of paper, turn on your iron and keep running it over the salt until you see all the blackness removed into the salt. Put some toothpaste on the ironing service and clean it with a cloth while it is hot to remove whatever is stuck to the cleaning surface of the iron.

5. If you have a bunch of keys and always have trouble telling them apart or it takes you a while to find your house key when you are in a hurry, paint your house key with bright red nail polish. This will make it easily identifiable from all the other keys. Paint the other keys different colors to be able to tell which one goes into which door.

6. If you feel your teeth getting stained or yellow and have no time for the dentist, just get a toothbrush, a mirror and warm water with some baking soda. Use the baking soda to brush your teeth.

7. If you have a stack of grocery bags and find it difficult to carry all of them at once especially while you’re holding other things as well just find a rope and put it through the handles of all the grocery bags. Use the rope to carry all the grocery bags at once.

8. When looking for your favorite ring or earrings, tie a handkerchief or any cloth around your vacuum cleaner and run the vacuum around the room. This will pick up the object you’re looking for.

9. Do your friends borrow things from you and never seem to return them or do you always seem to forget to return things you borrowed? Take a picture of your friend with the item they want to borrow before borrowing it to them and also take a selfie of yourself with anything you want to borrow. Anytime you see the picture on your phone, you will be reminded to return the item.

10. Peeling boiled eggs can be an issue especially when they keep getting stuck to the shell. This can be handled by putting your boiled egg inside cold water before removing the shell.

11. Take a picture of your freezer or food store before going shopping so you can be reminded of all the things that need to be bought. It is faster and easier than making a list.

12. Does your phone charger or earpiece keep breaking or cutting? Get an old clickable pen and remove the spring in it. Put the spring at the end of your charger or earpiece to keep it from bending and eventually breaking.

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Last Update: February 19, 2020