The USA is known for its incredible education system. The differences between this country and Nigeria are incredible, as the first one has a better educational infrastructure. Everyone is looking to the USA with admiration for everything they have managed to do. 

Everyone thinks that their educational system is the best in the world. But these are some common misconceptions people attribute to the USA. Their educational system is not as good as you might have thought. Here are 15 interesting facts about the education system in the USA. 

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And now, let’s see some facts about how education is done in the USA. 

1. The USA is not ranking the highest in the education ranking – a few years ago, the USA was considered a world leader when it comes to education. However, over the past couple of years, things have changed drastically. 

2. The quality and quantity of education in the USA have decreased considerably over the last few years. From a world leader, the USA is now ranked 36th in the world. 

3. Even though the USA might be a leader when it comes to degree-holders, the quality of education has decreased. This is intriguing and interesting, considering the fact that the US is spending the most money in the world on education. 

4. The drop-out rate has risen considerably during the past years, something that will dwindle the US’s position of having the highest number of degree holders. Nowadays, it is in 5th place, but the drop-out rates are alarming, so it might go a few places down. There are about 7,000 students who are dropping school every day in the US. 

5. One of the factors that contribute to student achievement and performance is the teacher. However, in the US, few teachers spend more than 5 years in the educational system. This, in turn, creates a permanent movement of teachers. About 15% of them resign in the first year of work, a higher percentage leave this job until they have 3 years and about half of them resign before their 5th year as teachers. This, of course, creates some disruptions and volatilities in the educational system. And the ones affected are students. 

6. Those who drop out of school are prone to developing dysfunctional behaviors: they are more likely to end up in prison and they are 50% less likely to vote. 

7. A high percentage of students who come from low-income families rely on the school or college internet to write their essays and complete their tasks. However, almost all of them do not have access to high-speed internet. 

8. There are a lot of factors that could contribute to a low academic performance: students do not have the money necessary to buy all their study materials, they have financial constraints, and low support from teachers and parents. 

9. Even though high school was supposed to prepare students for college, it seems that things are different. Students who graduate high school do not have the skills and knowledge necessary to progress in their academic life. 

10. This becomes a real challenge and issue in our society, as almost 90% of jobs require a college education. 

11. Math anxiety is something real that exists in all schools and colleges in the US. The aversion to math is so strong that many students would prefer to do something else entirely, such as cleaning a bathroom.

12. The University of Phoenix Online has the highest number of students in the US: over 380,000. 

13. Students who manage to graduate from college and get their degree will earn more money. Studies show that those with a degree could earn 3 times more than those who don’t have a degree. From a Master of Science in Tech Management (MSTM) grad to an Associate’s Degree in Interior Design, the opportunities are endless. This is one of the biggest reasons why students are pushed towards pursuing higher education.

14. The USA, even though it is not a world leader when it comes to education anymore, is still one of the first choices of foreign students. Over 1 million students come to the USA every year to get an education. Almost 5% of all the students in the USA are foreigners. They come from over 200 countries. 

15. There are some universities in the USA that have the highest tuition fees, which makes them available only for students who have financial possibilities. 

Final Thoughts 

The USA is known as an amazing country, maybe one that has the highest diversity in the world. Everyone has heard about their educational system. And even though it’s not the best one in the world, it provides a nice solid base of knowledge for future jobs. 

Bio lines: James Collins is a content writer and journalist. He takes a look into the education and politics of the USA. James loves reading books, hiking, and playing football.

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Last Update: April 22, 2024