17 Most Densely Populated Places on Earth

December 23, 2020
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  1. the most densely city in the world and no one wants to talk about it is the ship “Oasis of the Seas”: on 2.7 Hectares there are 8 500 people with no way to escape! that is a density of 314 000 people for ONE square kilometer! And on 18 levels! Imagine a fire!

  2. János Németh says:

    In Europe most density town is BUDAPEST, District 7 (Elisabethtown) with 2.09 km2 and its population 64767 persons.

  3. Zaher tweih says:

    In lebanon, beddawi refugee camp, with no infra structure, worst life conditions, people deprived from theor right to work, area is 1 km2, with 45000 refugees, imagine the number with the life conditions this descrimination country is improving for them.

    1. D. Harper says:

      What is a “right to work”? No one is stopping them from working. They can just go outside and start working. Start by picking up trash.

      1. some 13yr old says:

        yes pick up the trash that can increase your chance of disease not to mention th fact that nobody will pay for the trash to be picked up

  4. dave says:

    At point 11. the area is certainly wrong. 0.002 square kilometers equals 20 square meters or 4×5 meters and 131 people. No room left for air.
    From the photo I guess at least 80×60 meters, that equals 0.48 square kilometers.

    1. dave says:

      Sorry i made a mistake counting 100×100 m for one sq km. So 1 sq km equals 1000×1000=1.000.000 sq meters, so 0.002 sq km equals 2000 sq meters or 100×200 meters.
      Please disregard this and my previous post.

      1. dave says:

        2000 sq meters equals around 50×40 meters, or 15.2 sq meters for each inhabitant (at average, even less, because there is “unused” surface: the road network and the harbor).

  5. Haha Hihi says:

    the most density populated in earth, in my opinion, is a building ( actully 8 buildings ) in a urban area located in south Hanoi, Vietnam. It has a esimated population is about 36,000 to 40,000, in an area of about 0.0508 sq.kilometers so it is estimated that it had a population density of up to 708,000 to 787,000 per square kilometer.

  6. Judy says:

    the statistics of the statistics and items are probably are the people in Dharavi slums, Mumbai, India

  7. Susan Strode Pastore says:

    What about Gaza. I have heard Gaza ranks about 3rd?

    1. Susan Strode Pastore says:

      Where does Gaza rank? I had heard Gaza ranks about 3rd.

  8. Isla Vista, California . Density is 29,765 Per Sq. Mile making this little Town one of the most densely populated square mile in America .

  9. Bert says:

    Regarding the Gaza Strip. There is a lot propaganda on this for obvious reasons. Currently the population density is about 5,154/km2. Easily found on the internet and no where near anyone on this list.

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