20 Facts About Muammar Gaddafi

muammar gaddafi
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  1. someone says:

    #3 and #9 are basically the same thing

    1. m00t says:

      It’s a really big deal.

      1. someone says:

        You know, I agree

  2. demarke says:

    Harem kind of glosses over the fact that these hundreds of teenagers were raped, often violently with torture thrown in, and some women were even taken on their wedding nights by this monster. Not to mention the war crimes and countless brutal murders and torture of his own citizens. If it’s true that it took a currency issue to take him out, thank goodness for that!

    The “Great” Man Made River was also a boondoggle that profited Gaddafi billions personally, cost three times as much as projected (largely due to corruption), it would have been far cheaper to build water desalination plants, and when connected to the aging infrastructure, blew up the old pipes and left a large portion of the population without fresh flowing water for months.

  3. Stupid says:

    Half these so called facts are bs

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