20 Facts You Didn’t Know About UAE and Dubai

January 4, 2022
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  1. Arun says:

    Super cars of Dubai Police are not supposed to catch over-speeding cars. They have a very good radar system installed on their roads. Infact these cars are used to showcase the Police’s opulence to the public, in an effort to bridge the gap between Police and the residents/citizens. Dubai Police believes that they parade these cars in the best of the areas like Downtown or Jumeirah or JBR Walk where people are encouraged to click pictures and chat with the drivers (Policemen).

    1. Aum says:

      Arun are you that Arun who said I will die due to a plane crash? But surprisingly Aumis alive! You fake saint Annapufneshwari promiser

      1. tejas says:

        Sent by Tejas

    2. You poor misled people I bet it was Bono who encouraged you all to display your country this way and mislead the world into thinking you don’t need serious help !
      Bono or Khan as he likes to call himself can NOT be trusted what so ever ! ! !
      Best of luck in the future UAE as you are really going to need it , again good luck and stop f**king lying to the world or you’ll suffer with sh*t for the rest of your lives when some of us genuinely care for your safety and well being !
      If you can’t already guess this is from LOVE the worlds highest ranking spiritual leader alive to this date .
      Best wishes and keep dreaming some day it might even become reality if you’d just STOP f**king KILLING EACH OTHER


  2. Herr says:

    21. Most of the buildings in Dubai were completed using slave labor. Poor Indians and Bangladeshis are lured to UAE with promises of good wages and steady work. Construction companies pay their travel fees and then once they arrive they are hered into labor camps with horrid living conditions and given meager amounts of food and told they have to work off their travel debt. They are charged for room and board and are never able to overcome this debt.

    1. Blair says:

      Well you know that’s their fault for coming here.

      1. Tinkle says:

        I hope you drown yourself in a glass of water. 🙂

    2. alya says:

      dude there is a whole city for them

  3. Herrderrr says:

    22.Im a bous get rekt

    1. gavin says:

      Whats is a bous?

  4. awsome says:

    these are amazing facts perfect they are awesome thank you kickassfacts

  5. Makes says:

    Thanks for the facts

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  7. Safa Peshimam says:

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