Here are 20 Great Depression Facts.

1-5 Great Depression Facts

1. Milton Hershey, the chocolate emperor launched a ‘Great Building Campaign’ during the Great Depression with an intention of employing more people. When he came to know that a steam shovel being used on a project did the work of 40 men, he instructed his foreman: “Take them off. Hire 40 men.” – Source

2. Twin popsicles came into existence during the Great Depression so that two children could share a treat for just a nickel. – Source

3. Due to its cheap price popcorn became popular during the Great Depression. – Source

4. During the Great Depression, Charles Floyd aka “Pretty Boy”, a gangster and notorious bank robber, endeared himself to the public by destroying mortgage papers at the banks he robbed, freeing many from their debts. – Source

5. Being a teenager during the Great Depression, John F. Kennedy was not aware of it until he read about the depression at Harvard. – Source

6-10 Great Depression Facts


6. John Rockefeller, wealthiest American of all time – gave a dime to children wherever he went. During the Great Depression, he started giving nickels instead. – Source

7. During the Great Depression, people in Cameroon managed to collect $3.77 for food relief fund, which they sent to New York. – Source

8. To attract tourists and of course money during the Great Depression, Chinese embraced stereotypes by adding fake opium dens to Chinatowns along with other Chinese stereotypes. – Source

9. Over 1.2 million US citizens of Mexican descent were deported out of the United States between 1929-1939 by federal authorities. It was claimed that the act would create vacancies for “real Americans” during the Great Depression. – Source

10. In 1930, the Great Depression year, Canada had zero bank failures compared to over 9,000 failed banks in the US. – Source

11-15 Great Depression Facts


11. Jigsaw puzzles became popular during the great depression, as they provided a cheap, long-lasting, recyclable form of entertainment. – Source

12. In 2013, Spain had an unemployment rate of 27.2%, which was more than what US had during the Great Depression, 25%. – Source

13. During Great Depression, people made use of small “coins” worth fractions of a cent to avoid paying too much extra sales tax on small purchases due to rounding. – Source

14. Roger Babson, the first economic forecaster to predict the 1929 crash and Great Depression, thought of gravity as his enemy number one and tried to overcome gravity. – Source

15. Rocky Road ice cream, a creation of William Dreyer got its name due to hardships caused by The Great Depression. – Source

16-20 Great Depression Facts


16. Al Capone, the American gangster started one of the first free soup kitchens during the Great Depression. – Source

17. A man who broke off an engagement could be sued for breach of promise. Damages hugely increased if they had engaged in intercourse. This was until the Great Depression. – Source

18. Canadians who could not afford gasoline during the Great Depression would remove the engines from their cars and hitch horses to them. – Source

19. Canadian Prime Minister R. B. Bennett would send $5 to anyone who sent him a letter during the Great Depression. He spent around 2.3 million dollars during this time. – Source

20. During the Great Depression, canned crow meat was introduced for the first time and attempted to make its way on the American dinner table. – Source

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