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20 Kickass and Crazy Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories have been debated even since Ancient Rome. Though some conspiracy theories floating around for a long time have been proven to true, every once in a while someone comes forward with crazy theories. Here is a list of 20 Kickass and Crazy Conspiracy Theories.

1-5 Crazy Conspiracy Theories

Dark Ages-Crazy Conspiracy Theories

1. There is a conspiracy theory that debates the “Dark Ages” never actually happened. – Source

2. Continuum, a magazine devoted to the idea that AIDS was a conspiracy, went out of print around 2001 after all the editors died of AIDS. – Source

3. The first episode of an X-Files spin-off called “The Lone Gunmen,” which aired March 4, 2001, involved American government’s conspiracy to hijack an airliner, fly it into the World Trade Center, and blame it on terrorists – thereby gaining support for a new profit-making war. – Source

4. There is a conspiracy theory that the Titanic never sunk. Instead, it was her sister ship, the Olympic that sunk and it was just an insurance scam. – Source

5. There is a conspiracy theory that Andrew WK (singer) is actually a fabricated piece of performance art, concocted by a secret organization and his performances are actually “performed” by multiple people. – Source

6-10 Crazy Conspiracy Theories

The Beatles-Crazy Conspiracy Theories

6. There is a conspiracy theory that The Beatles were manufactured by the Tavistock Institute of London and that all their songs were written by Frankfurt School philosopher, Theodor Adorno, for the purpose of influencing social change. – Source

7. There is a conspiracy theory that 1980 Hollywood movie The Shining was a coded admission from Kubrick to faking the Moon landing. – Source

8. There is a conspiracy theory that Paul McCartney died in the 60’s and was replaced by a lookalike.

9. There are conspiracy theories floating around that Hitler escaped via submarine into the “Hollow Earth” and is still alive (or at least lived until a ripe old age) in a fortress under Antarctica “in the midst of the eternal ice.”

10. There is a group of people called the Flat Earth Society that believes the world is actually flat, and the government is lying to us. They say there actually are heavily patrolled ice walls around the edge of the world. – Source

11-15 Crazy Conspiracy Theories

Rugrats-Crazy Conspiracy Theories

11. There is a conspiracy theory about the children’s cartoon “Rugrats” theorizing that the babies were figments of Angelica’s schizophrenia, and not real at all. – Source

12. There is a ”Lost Cosmonauts” conspiracy theory alleging that there are cosmonauts who actually entered space before Yuri Gagarin, but their stories were covered up by the USSR. – Source

13. The October Surprise Conspiracy Theory alleges a plot to influence the outcome of the 1980 presidential election in favor of Ronald Reagan. – Source

14. There is a conspiracy theory claiming that CIA blew up an island in the Gulf of Mexico, in order to shift the boundaries for who-owns-what-oil-fields. – Source

15. There is a theory pertaining to Harry Potter series that Ron is Dumbledore.

16-20 Crazy Conspiracy Theories

Hurricane Katrina-Crazy Conspiracy Theories

16. There are a number of conspiracy theories surrounding Hurricane Katrina. One crazy theory is that the entire thing was caused by Russian mobsters – Source

17. There are those who believe Shark Week is an orchestrated plan by American government to scare people out of the water because when you are swimming or doing anything at the shore, you aren’t spending.

18. There is a conspiracy theory that people don’t need to drink any liquid. We just addicted to the stuff. Tap water only furthers the stereotype that it’s necessary. They further state that cave men were well known for not drinking any liquids, and they turned out just fine.

19. There is “man will never fly” conspiracy theory that says that all airplanes are actually bullet trains and the windows are actually movie screens.

20. There are many conspiracy theories related to JFK assassination. There is one crazy conspiracy theory that JFK was killed by time traveling Nazis since he started a nuclear war in another timeline and they had to go back to fix it.


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  • I’m just wondering what the conspiracy theory explanation of how one drives a bullet train into the 70th odd floor of the world trade center is.

    I mean, that’s got to be doozy.

  • Okay, if you guys think that this is crazy this will freak you out. I live out in the country and these guys that are wearing hard hats orange vests all that crap come up to my house saying they’re going to blow up dynamite in my woods, so we feel the explosions quite often, well they say that its because blah blah blah. Yeah whatever well anyways I’m either crazy or stupid but over the blast site we saw UFOs and crazy stuffs going on now out there.

  • Just a few days after 9/11, conspiracy theories proliferated. But one caught my attention, not because of its plausibility, but because of its backstory.
    The theory goes that 9/11 never happened because the World Trade Center was just a hologram projected into that space. So when the planes flew into it, they just flew into a hologram and you never saw them fly through the other side.
    The back story on this, is that they managed to trace the origin of this conspiracy theory to government computers. NSA computers to be more precise. To be exact, they traced the origin of this theory to two NSA employees. Both were fired.
    But I never heard anything about why two NSA employees would concoct such a tall tale and spread it around the internet. And, why did they get caught when the authors of conspiracy theories are almost NEVER traced?


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