Here are 20 Unique Restaurants Around the World.

1-5 Unique Restaurants Around the World

IdenticalTwins-Unique Restaurants Around the World

1. In the city of Yiwu in eastern China, people were confused how a Chinese couple managed to run a busy restaurant 21 hours a day without getting tired. Locals named them “robot couple restaurant”. It turns out the restaurant is run by two couples, both the men and women are identical twins. – Source

2. Jon Bon Jovi has a restaurant in New Jersey that has no set prices and guests pay whatever they can or volunteer in exchange for their meal. – Source

3. To save workers’ time for lunch on the new World Trade Center Building, they installed a mobile Subway restaurant that moved up the building as they finished each floor. – Source

4. The North Korean government operates a chain of restaurants that appear throughout China and Southeast Asia and even Russia. Each restaurant funnels about $100k – $300k per year back to the DPRK. – Source

5. Tim’s Place in Albuquerque is a restaurant that owned by a person with Downs Syndrome. It offers Breakfast, Lunch, and Hugs. – Source

6-10 Unique Restaurants Around the World

Madonal-Unique Restaurants Around the World

6. A man built a restaurant in Northern Iraq called MaDonal after McDonald’s turned denied his request to open their franchise there. The restaurant serves items such as “Big Macks,” and serves free food to U.S. forces, and thus has been threatened by suicide bombers, turning him into a local celebrity. – Source

7. There is a restaurant in Denver that does not have set prices or a set menu. They encourage you to pay what you can, and “If a diner does not have sufficient money to leave, they are encouraged to exchange an hour of service”. – Source

8. In 2004 in the Catacombs of the Paris, the police found a restaurant and bar. There was also a movie theater in a carved out cave, complete with a full-sized screen. – Source

9. There is a restaurant at The University of Colorado called the Alfred Packer Grill, named after a famous cannibal. Their slogan is: “Have a friend for lunch.” – Source

10. In Vietnam, it is possible to order a cobra blood wine from restaurant menus. The waiter will take a live cobra, kill it on the spot, drain the blood into a shot glass of rice wine, and top it off with the cobra’s still beating heart for you to gulp down. – Source

11-15 Unique Restaurants Around the World

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11. The Kayabuki Restaurant in Japan could not afford to hire any more wait staff so they hired 2 monkeys instead. They wear clothes and masks with wigs to look more human. They are even certified by the local authorities to work there. – Source

12. There is a restaurant in Texas called The Big Texan Steak that will give you a Free 72oz Steak – only if you finish it. Also, they have a 24/7 web cam showing every contest. – Source

13. There is a restaurant in New Haven, Connecticut that has a menu devoted to invasive species around the New England area – Source

14. There is a restaurant in Pittsburgh called Conflict Kitchen that only sells cuisine from countries the United States is in conflict with. – Source

15. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Farmhouse is now a family restaurant – Source

16-20 Unique Restaurants Around the World

HeartAttackGrill-Unique Restaurants Around the World

16. Heart Attack Grill is an American fast-food line in Vegas where you can order a 8000 kcal hamburger and if you are over 160 kg you can eat all of the food for free. – Source

17. Theirs is actually an inn named “Big d*ck’s Halfway Inn” in Missouri. – Source

18. In Quebec, Canada, there is a fastfood poutine restaurant where your poutine’s price decreases with negative temperatures in winter. – Source

19. A restaurant in Budapest called Kiskacsa brings three dice with the bill. If you roll three sixes then the meal is on the house. – Source

20. Diners at the Ctaste Restaurant in Amsterdam dine in complete darkness and all your waiters are blind or visually impaired individuals. – Source

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