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24 Rare and Unusual Disorders – Part2

Here are 25 Rare and Unusual Disorders – Part2. For part 1 click here.

1-5 Rare and Unusual Disorders

Decision-Rare and Unusual Disorders

1. Aboulomania is a disorder that involves the occasional onset of crippling indecision. People affected by it simply run into very serious problems whenever they’re faced with certain choices (going for a walk or not, paper or plasic), to the extent that they struggle to regain normal function. – Source

2. In the Dominican Republic and Papa New Guinea there is a disorder called s 5-Alpha-Reductase Deficiency, which causes children to be born female and then at puberty their testicles and penises emerge and they grow up to be fertile males – Source

3. The Italian actor, Leopoldo Fregoli was such a master of impersonating and quick change, that a rare brain disorder was named after him called Fregoli delusion, in which a person holds a delusional belief that different people are in fact a single person who changes appearance or are in disguise. – Source

4. There is a neurological disorder called Apotemnophilia wherein perfectly healthy people want to have their legs amputated, and if they cannot, they will do it themselves. – Source

5. An extremely rare disorder, affecting only three people worldwide, that makes it impossible for them to gain weight and have perfect zero body fat.

6-10 Rare and Unusual Disorders

sleeping-Rare and Unusual Disorders

6. A disorder exists called Kleine Levin syndrome. It is a rare disorder that causes excessive sleeping. A girl with this syndrome had one episode that lasted for 64 days. – Source

7. Fatal familial insomnia causes one to eventually stop sleeping, and then die within 18 months from onset. There is no cure for it. – Source

8. Depersonalization disorder is a mental disorder causes some people to think that they’re just watching life’s gameplay trailer, rather than actually living – Source

9. Lethologica is a psychological disorder that inhibits an individual’s ability to articulate his or her thoughts by temporarily forgetting key words, phrases or names in conversation. – Source

10. The rare disorder of sexsomnia causes people to have sex in their sleep. – Source

11-15 Rare and Unusual Disorders

The Fugates-Rare and Unusual Disorders

11. A family (the Fugates) in Kentucky, USA have completely blue skin, caused by a recessive hereditary blood disorder called methemoglobinemia. – Source

12. Prolific artist Vincent Van Gogh suffered from a disorder known as Hypergraphia that caused him to write at a manic rate for an extended period of time. – Source

13. There is a rare disease called Cherubism that causes the lower half of the face to grow excessively large – Source

14. There is a disease called “Ondine’s Curse” that causes people to lose the ability to breathe involuntarily and can die if they fall asleep. – Source

15. People with Adermatoglyphia are born without fingerprints. It is exceedingly rare, affecting only four known extended families worldwide. – Source

16-20 Rare and Unusual Disorders

Pun-Rare and Unusual Disorders

16. There is a disease called Witzelsucht where people are afflicted to pun uncontrollably – Source

17. That there is an actual psychological disease which confuses people to think they’re in a dream. Like in Inception when Cobb’s wife kills herself because of this confusion. – Source

18. There is a term for looking up symptoms online and believing you have a disease called “cyberchondria.”- Source

19. One in eight people had a twin that died in the womb (Vanishing Twin Syndrome. – Source

20. Puer Aeternus, or Peter Pan Syndrome is the unwillingness to grow up with corresponding immature behaviors. – Source

21-25 Rare and Unusual Disorders

Achoo Syndrome-Rare and Unusual Disorders

21. Sneezing in response to a numerous stimuli, including looking at bright lights, is called ACHOO Syndrome. – Source

22. Alien Hand Syndrome is a condition in which one hand acts completely on its own. One longtime smoker with AHS repeatedly puts a cigarette into her mouth with her good hand, whereupon her alien hand would remove the cigarette before it could be lit. – Source

23. There is a condition called Alice in Wonderland Syndrome that changes how people perceive the size of objects around them. – Source

24. Horrible sensation of someone giving you a strong noisy kiss on your ear is called Kissing Ear Syndrome and it can potentially cause permanent hearing loss. – Source


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  • PROSOPAGNOSIA is the inability to recognize faces. Even close personal friends and family, or their OWN. sometimes they can’t even distinguish a face from an object. my brother has this to a certain degree.


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