Here are 25 kickass and amazing Statue of Liberty facts.

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1. Statue of Liberty’s feet is sculpted in such a way that it depicts Morton’s Toe, a condition in which your second toe is longer than your big toe. – Source

2. Statue of Liberty is the tallest statue in the US and the second tallest is of Pegasus slaying a dragon at a horse track in Florida. – Source

3. In 2010 the US Post Office issued a Statue of Liberty tribute stamp but failed to notice the image they were using was the Statue of Liberty at the New York, New York in Las Vegas – Source

4. There is a family that lives on Liberty Island, home of the Statue of Liberty. – Source

5. The location of Tony Stark’s mansion on the Pacific Ocean is the same cliff from Planet of the Apes where the statue of liberty was sticking out of the sand. Point Dume. – Source

6-10 Amazing Statue of Liberty Facts

6. The Pagan Goddess Libertas was the inspiration behind the Statue of Liberty. – Source

7. Statue of Liberty, NY is legally married to Christopher Columbus monument in Barcelona, Spain under Nevada’s laws. – Source

8. In 1906, Congress appropriated money to paint The Statue of Liberty because a green patina had covered its once dull-copper skin. The effort was halted largely due to public outcry and only the interior was painted. – Source

9. Before the Statue of Liberty, the US was personified as Columbia, which is where the name District of Columbia comes from. – Source

10. The US recycles enough copper for 71 Statues of Liberty each day.

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11. The Statue of Liberty’s star-shaped base is actually an old artillery fort built to protect the NYC harbor. – Source

12. Detroit once had a tourist attraction more popular than the Statue of Liberty. The Ford Rotunda was built for 1934. World’s Fair and was the fifth most visited site in the U.S. before burning to the ground in 1962. – Source

13. Liberty Island and The Statue of Liberty are New York city-owned but physically reside entirely within New Jersey. – Source

14. The statue of liberty is not standing still but has her right foot raised representing moving forward from oppression. – Source

15. In 1916 German agents blew up a munitions depot in New Jersey. An explosion so large that could be compared to a 5.5 Richter scale earthquake. $100K in damage was done to the Statue of Liberty and people as far away as Maryland were woken up by what they thought was an earthquake.

16-20 Amazing Statue of Liberty Facts


16. During the scene for the 2008 film Cloverfield in which the head of the Statue of Liberty falls onto a city street, the head’s size is larger than its actual size in real life. Originally it was made properly to scale, but test audiences complained it looked too small and unrealistic. – Source

17. Following the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas by the Taliban in 2001, China built the Spring temple Buddha in Henan. At 420 ft tall, it’s almost twice as tall as the Statue of Liberty, and nearly 4x as tall as Christ the Redeemer. – Source

18. The Statue of Liberty wasn’t completely green until 1906. – Source

19. In 1986, The Statue of Liberty’s torch was replaced and was made of copper plated with gold, which is why it doesn’t oxidize like the rest of the statue. – Source

20. In order to transport the Statue of Liberty from France to the United States, the statue had to be broken down into 350 individual pieces and placed through 214 crates in just under a year after the completion. – Source

21-25 Amazing Facts About Statue of Liberty


21. Despite the poem on the Statue of Liberty about poor and huddled masses, many immigrants were turned away if they could not pass intelligence tests, or “if they were anarchists, had a criminal record or showed signs of low moral character.” – Source

22. There are plans to build a Statue of Responsibility on the West Coast, to complement the Statue of Liberty on the East Coast. – Source

23. In 1982 when it was decided to do the maintenance of the statue of liberty, it was found that the right arm was incorrectly attached and the head was installed 2 foot lopsided. – Source

24. In 2009 Air force One followed by an F-16 jet flew low, circling the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan causing panic and evacuations. The defense department organized the photo op to get pictures of the plane in front of national landmarks without informing the mayor or the public of NYC. – Source

25. The tallest tree in the world, named Hyperion, is roughly 70 feet taller than the statue of liberty and resides in California. – Source

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