25 Crazy Headlines of the Month – Part 105

December 23, 2018
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  1. So games like Shadowrun, Demons Crest, Harvest Moon, Actraiser, Ogre Battle, Breath of Fire, Evo, Mystical Ninja, the Super Star Wars games, XMen Mutant Apocalypse, several great Disney platformers, Lost Vikings, Prince of Persia or Battletoads Battlemaniacs don’t make the list, but TWO Mortal Kombat do, despite being highly overrated gimmicky and terrible fighters and being gimped on the SNES compared to their arcade counterparts?! Also, what’s with the lack of SHMUPs?

  2. Peter says:

    These are overall great games just better games come out. I enjoyed Harvest Moon and Ogre battle but Mystical Ninja wasnt my thing.

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