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25 Crazy Headlines of the Month – Part 112

Here are this month’s crazy headlines.

1-5 Crazy Headlines

1. Sex outside of marriage may soon be legal in Utah. – Source

2. Hipster whines at tech mag for using his pic to imply hipsters look the same, discovers pic was of an entirely different hipster. – Source

3. Women’s cycling race forced to pause after lead rider catches men’s race. – Source

4. A woman tells TripAdvisor she was raped by a guide, TripAdvisor tells her to leave a bad review. – Source

5. YouTube will soon tell you that the world isn’t flat, vaccines work, and other obvious truths. – Source

6-10 Crazy Headlines

6. Florida bill would ban the banning of plastic straws. – Source

7. The man lost in the snow for five days survived on Taco Bell Sauce packets. – Source

8. Indian pilot returns home a hero and sparks mustache trend. – Source

9. Vegans accused of killing piglets by accident after storming farm to cuddle them. – Source

10. People are throwing cheese at babies in #Cheesed Challenge. – Source

11-15 Crazy Headlines

11. Man under quarantine for measles hides from deputies to go to the gym, court documents say. – Source

12. Billionaire diamond trader dies during penis enhancement procedure, reports say. – Source

13. Judge says God told him that sex trafficking suspect was innocent. – Source

14. A woman reads the fine print on an insurance policy, wins $10,000 in the hidden contest. – Source

15. Maine Mayor resigns after calling black people “Antique Farm Equipment” in the racist text. – Source

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