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25 Crazy Headlines of the Month – Part 132

16-20 Crazy Headlines

16. “They’re already talking about a rematch.” Tarmac worker and plane passenger play “Rock Paper Scissors” through the window. – Source

17. PC building simulator launches for consoles. – Source

18. “Chicken shop” drug gangs recruiting children with the promise of free food, parliamentary investigation finds. – Source

19. Deceased’s missing penis sparks rampage in which angry Limpopo mourners torch 3 houses. – Source

20. Gwyneth Paltrow excited to find out Samuel L. Jackson was also in all those Marvel movies she did. – Source

21-25 Crazy Headlines

21. South Africa: Education Dept. apologizes after backlash over “sexy reading” tweets. – Source

22. Bottled water sent to Newark, New Jersey, residents affected by high lead levels was expired. – Source

23. Danish bank launches world’s first negative interest rate mortgage. – Source

24. Rhinoceros Party launches election campaign with hotdogs, twice as many promises. – Source

25. Death of Apex man found bloody, wrapped in Christmas lights not suspicious, officials say. – Source

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