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25 Crazy Headlines of the Month – Part 138

16-20 Crazy Headlines

16. Addicted to Fortnite? Montreal law firm says video game companies should pay up. – Source

17. Driver flips car while trying to parallel park in downtown Vancouver. – Source

18. China wanted to send tortoises to the far side of the moon. – Source

19. “Absolutely nuts”: Squirrels stash over 200 walnuts under the hood of the couple’s car. – Source

20. Nevada fighting to keep “zombie deer” from entering state. – Source

21-25 Crazy Headlines

21. Bizzare but True! Tesla cars to soon have fart, goat noises to warn pedestrians. – Source

22. The human trafficker was at a meeting in Italy to discuss Libya’s migration. – Source

23. Fatboy Slim samples Greta Thunberg for a live show. – Source

24. Spanish police plucked from the ocean by drug smugglers they were chasing. – Source

25. Recall alert: 1.1 million pocketknives recalled for posing “laceration hazard”. – Source


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