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25 Crazy Headlines of the Month – Part 139

16-20 Crazy Headlines

16. Windows 10 security alert as Microsoft warns: “Do not install this update”. – Source

17. Dubai now has Nissan GT-R and C7 Corvette ambulances. – Source

18. The driver who got stuck in flood water forgot he was not in his boat. – Source

19. UK reality show challenges meat-loving families to go vegetarian or be forced to eat their pets. – Source

20. San Diego woman living in the van gives up all 300 of her rats. – Source

21-25 Crazy Headlines

21. Oxy starts the first solar farm to power oil production. – Source

22. “Rage yoga” class includes cursing and alcohol. – Source

23. Andy Serkis plays talking anus in a fatberg prevention campaign. – Source

24. Opioid trial judge admits a $107 million math error. – Source

25. “Most ridiculous thing ever”: Officials split the building in two to solve property disputes. – Source


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