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25 Crazy Headlines of the Month – Part 141

Here are this month’s crazy headlines.

1-5 Crazy Headlines

1. Ohio abortion ban proposal calls for reimplanting ectopic pregnancies. – Source

2. Biden said you have to “keep punching” to address domestic violence. – Source

3. Prince Andrew: I didn’t have sex with a teenager, I was home after Pizza Express in Woking. – Source

4. Julia Roberts was the first choice to play black abolitionist Harriet Tubman. – Source

5. Saudi Arabia has more women’s rights than the West, says Saudi princess. – Source

6-10 Crazy Headlines

6. Chicago goes 1 day without shooting. – Source

7. A worker who raised alarm before deadly New Orleans hotel collapse to be deported. – Source

8. The child was taken to hospital with constipation “because the school’s strict loo roll policy left her too scared to go to the toilet”. – Source

9. State trooper stops banana car driver, gives him $20 instead of a ticket. – Source

10. Thieves use the truck to pull the door off store but steal only 12-pack of Faygo worth maybe $3. – Source

11-15 Crazy Headlines

11. Activists aim to change NC law allowing people to do anything they want to Opossums for 5 days each year. – Source

12. Straight Pride attracts a crowd of 2. – Source

13. Ukraine accuses Russia of returning ships stripped of toilets. – Source

14. “I’m a citizen hero.” “Shadow Patriot” patrols Nashville’s streets at night. – Source

15. Making A STAR WARS film is difficult due to a lack of comics and novels says Lucasfilm President. – Source

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