25 Crazy Headlines of the Month – Part 180

December 19, 2020
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  1. That Guy says:

    “4. 50 years of tax cuts for the rich failed to trickle down, economics study says.” Anyone not blinded by some idiotic illusions that humanity is intrinsically good would have been able to see this without any need for study. It’s human behaviour – Greed and fear it is all that drives us since they feed each other.

    “20. Jacob Rees-Mogg brands UNICEF donation to feed UK children a ‘political stunt’ – and says it ‘should be ashamed’.” Yes the people helping to feed starving children in what claims to be a rich country should be ashamed not the politicians who are repeatedly taking more and more money for themselves and their friends’ companies.

    Stop thinking that money will solve any problems, it is the root cause of most of societies ills. any other system would have been torn down and replaced but we have become subservient to an imaginary concept of our own creation.

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