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25 Crazy Headlines of the Month – Part 69

Here are this month’s crazy headlines.

1-5 Crazy Headlines

1. Michael B. Jordan buys the teen a new retainer after she bit through it during his shirtless Black Panther scene. – Source

2. Over 500 Canadian doctors protest raises, say they’re being paid too much. – Source

3. Big Cheese festival apologizes for running out of cheese. – Source

4. Only “thoughts and prayers” will stop evil behind shootings, Florida state senator says. – Source

5. A woman tries to trick authorities with a prescription for medical meth. – Source

6-10 Crazy Headlines

6. Porsche could build flying taxis, says sales chief. – Source

7. W.Va. lawmakers try to give teachers smaller raise, accidentally pass a bill giving them full raise. – Source

8. California Lawmaker nicknamed “Huggy Bear,” told to stop hugging people. – Source

9. Caravan man found guilty of illegally camping on his own property. – Source

10. Dad eats an entire bowl of cereal that expired in 1997 despite wife’s warning. – Source

11-15 Crazy Headlines

11. Texas judge orders electric shocks for the uncooperative defendant. – Source

12. A police officer accidentally handcuffs himself to railings. – Source

13. People keep mistaking the National Restaurant Association for the NRA. – Source

14. It’s official: Termites are just cockroaches with a fancy social life. – Source

15. United replaces small worker bonuses with a chance to win $100,000. – Source

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