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25 Crazy Headlines of the Month – Part 84

Here are this month’s crazy headlines.

1-5 Crazy Headlines

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1. Somali militant group Al-Shabaab announces a ban on single-use plastic bags. – Source

2. Top ICE Lawyer sentenced to four years in prison for stealing immigrants’ identities. – Source

3. Black U.S. politician reported to police while canvassing for votes. – Source

4. Humans gave leprosy to Armadillos. Now, they’re giving it back. – Source

5. Exam board to be fined record £175,000 after mixing up Montagues and Capulets in GCSE paper. – Source

6-10 Crazy Headlines

6. Facebook apologizes after labeling part of the Declaration of Independence “hate speech”. – Source

7. “Psychic” octopus that correctly predicted Japan’s World Cup results is killed and sold for food. – Source

8. Indianapolis church “detains” Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in protest of child separation policy. – Source

9. Crows are always jerks to ravens, research confirms. – Source

10. Pornhub is now offering subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing viewers. – Source

11-15 Crazy Headlines

11. “Gang” of rhino poachers mauled to death by the pride of lions after breaking into the game reserve. – Source

12. Judge sides with a school that uses electric shocks on its students. – Source

13. Iranian general says Israel stealing Irans clouds. – Source

14. Students in Detroit are suing the state because they weren’t taught to read. – Source

15. Hamas “created dating apps and fake Facebook profiles to try to lure Israeli soldiers.” – Source

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