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25 Crazy Headlines of the Week – Part 5

Here are this week’s Crazy Headlines.

1-5 Crazy Headlines


1. Bid to ban applause in B.C. legislature rejected with ovation. – Source

2. Police: Stop calling drug dealer’s phone, we’re trying to search it. – Source

3. Drug testing expert was high for eight years. – Source

4. Partially paralysed man missing half his head ‘declared fit for work by DWP.’ – Source

5. London Underground says ‘too much sunshine’ to blame for Tube delays. – Source

6-10 Crazy Headlines

Online Manual

6. German government creates online sex manual for immigrants. – Source

7. Man shoots self but doesn’t realize it until 3 days later. – Source

8. Businessman raising 1 million in bizarre attempt to recreate 9/11 attacks ‘to prove conspiracies.’ – Source

9. Bar owners in New York told they cannot deny service to pregnant women. – Source

10. Naked boomers struggle to attract younger generation of nudists. – Source

11-15 Crazy Headlines

Stacked Trucks

11. China: Man fined for driving 3 trucks stacked together down freeway – Source

12. Guy who didn’t invent email sues Gawker for pointing out he didn’t invent email. – Source

13. Big Poultry workers are literally peeing their pants so that Americans can have cheap chicken – Source

14. Parents who forced emaciated 6-year-old boy to live on hot dog smoothies sentenced to 20 years. – Source

15. ‘I’ll Never Retire’: Americans break record for working past 65. Almost 20 percent of Americans 65 and older are now working, according to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s the most older people with a job since the early 1960s, before the U.S. enacted Medicare. – Source

16-20 Crazy Headlines

16. Man trapped under tons of cheese rescued. – Source

17. Saudi family therapist gives advice on how to ‘beat your wife.’ – Source

18. Yellowstone tourists put bison calf in car because they’re worried it’s cold – Source. Bison calf dies after Yellowstone tourists put it in their car. – Source

19. Senior policewoman suspended after spat with female colleague over ‘who has the best breasts’. – Source

20. The FBI can neither confirm nor deny wiretapping your Amazon Echo. – Source

21-25 Crazy Headlines


21. Sniffing farts makes you live longer and doing them prevents dementia. – Source

22. Woman falls over at home and regains sight after 20 years of blindness. – Source

23. Beyonce selling ‘Boycott Beyonce’ shirts – Source

24. Medical equipment crashes during heart procedure because of antivirus scan. – Source

25. Woman dies before air ambulance arrives, still charged $25,000. – Source

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