25 Interesting Facts About Blindness

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  1. Emperor of Mankind says:

    What do blind people dream/have nightmares of if they have never seen anything ever?

    1. shiyuu killer says:

      maybe they see what we cant see?

    2. Gummywormhello says:

      They probably think of scary monsters we can’t imagine cuz they never seen anything ever in their life

    3. Annabella says:

      Hey. I’m blind so I thought I’d reply to ur question. Blind people dream using other senses such as smell, taste and touch. As we can’t see we don’t know what things look like so it is impossible for us to dream using vision

      1. Malum says:

        @Annabella If i may ask, how did you read and comment on this article if you’re blind?

  2. Gummywormhello says:

    Cool website just wish for more facts…I feel bad for blind people

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