25 Interesting Facts About China

November 12, 2013
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  1. ember says:

    omg i think that it is horrible for them to slaughter dogs just for THREE peole with rabies. man, that shoulkd be considered third degree manslaughter

    1. melissa-jay halleron says:

      I do as well its slaughter to the world

  2. Justin says:

    well then…. i never knew they had a huge jam… and for the apple store? really?

  3. andrew pecker says:

    uh, yello, this is some interesting stuff. i mean fake apple stores, yo that aint cool.

  4. Justin says:

    i got dat ipod in my pocket right now!!!

  5. andrew pecker says:

    i fake ipods too bro

  6. Laurence Almand says:

    Kill all those helpless dogs because of just 3 people? Have these modern, efficient Chinese never heard of rabies vaccine? This dog-slaughter was barbaric!

  7. momo says:

    china is such a thrilling horrible place to live in

    1. Aaliyah King says:

      cool it is so interesting
      not horrible

  8. i dont understand so better and i came from usa okay bye

  9. nazrul says:

    Amazing & tantalizing !Love it .

  10. Elvie says:

    HORRIBLE how they take dogs from their owners and KILL them and they KILLED FIFTY THOUSAND INOCENT DOGS just because THREE people were killed by probably only one dog!

  11. horrei says:

    haha good to create post after taking marijuana .

  12. polina says:

    i swear if u kill another dog ill kill u.STOP !!dogs are there to make u happy not to be killed. would you like it that someone gave u live and then u killed them.

    1. polina says:

      sorry ment to say lice not live

  13. Aaliyah King says:

    cool it is so interesting

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