25 Interesting Facts About Genghis Khan and Mongols

June 23, 2017
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  1. gero says:

    cool facts brother

    1. kp says:

      also he killed his brother because he would not share his food

      1. Erde says:

        No his not! U have to read lot of source first!

  2. Neha Singh says:

    People of the Mongol empire never washed their clothes or themselves!!!… I guess this is the main reason of their victory..

    1. Jayant Verma says:

      hahaha.. good one

  3. Random1 says:

    #18 He died in 1227

  4. Paula says:

    the post provided a lot of information I never knew and some I saw on different sources. #amazedandinspired

  5. ace says:

    you recycled this i saw this one from a few years back

  6. Courtney says:

    Im 14 years old and this my thanks for you being for so helpful info, I hope you make more website about the Mongols,

    1. jonny says:

      do u english

      1. OJ Metei says:

        To me his fame cannot be erased from history for good or bad! None can come nearer to this wonderful Khan.

        1. Im_gey says:

          welp IM f**ked. I think he was the villain. Due to beliefs and… my shitty teacher… I GIVE UP!

      2. Im_gey says:

        do you** English. not do u english. Sorry it had to be done send your prayers.

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