25 Interesting Facts About Inventors and their Inventions

September 19, 2022
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  1. Jean says:

    Whoopee cushion was invented by a 14-year old Roman Emperor, who used it frequently on guests. He was assassinated by the time he was 18.
    I’ve seen the source, it’s so false it made me cringe a little inside. Marcus Aurelius Antoninus lived until the age of 59 and was a hard-boiled Stoic. The last philosopher-emperor of the Roman empire, he is now admired for his book “The Meditations” and his equestrian statue at the museum of Capitolini. He didn’t live until the age of 18, was not in any way depraved or lustful, he didn’t care about the size of people’s organs.

  2. Sue Watters says:

    Thank you for this, I am a teacher and this was very informational. πŸ™‚

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