25 Interesting Facts About Nuclear Weapons

March 17, 2015
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  1. Uisce says:

    All 16 facts were pretty awesome. I say 16, because the other 9 were sourced from Wikipedia. Can you guys get better references for facts? Preferably somewhere that doesn’t allow open editing by anyone?

    1. Luke says:

      Well, while anyone can edit wikipedia, all edits need to get approved.

      1. Arris says:

        Edits require approval true, but they can (and have) approved them without references before, and still do.

        1. Adam says:

          Yes, but then they add a clause stating the page needs addiotional references.

  2. Luwig says:

    “If you don’t know what an atomic bomb is, then imagine the worst thing possible. Atomic bombs are worse than that.” -Fallout

  3. Angus Mackenzie says:

    The Vela incident was South Africa and Israel.

  4. AJE207 says:

    Regarding #22, that bomb was recently found by a couple of amateur scuba divers

  5. David says:

    “The main dangers from a [nuclear explosion] are the blast effects, the thermal pulses of intense light and heat radiation, and the very penetrating initial nuclear radiation from the fireball.” -Nuclear War Survival Skills

    1. tsar bomba :3 says:

      oooooo penetrating

  6. anne says:

    How careless are the Americans? The deadliest weapons known to man and they lose loads of them. m*rons.

    1. Jack says:

      No one knows how many bombs the Soviets lost, but it’s more than the USA. Many bombs disappeared when the USSR broke up

  7. Love says:

    If a atomic bomb drps or you will know it Will just go to the basement and take your fam and lock and if u survive…dont go out and if u do u it Will be like a wastland soo and you will swollow up and bleed and you will melt from the inside.. sooooo dont.and you are better and food and water then wait in 1 week but if u wanna be sure wait 2

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