25 Interesting Facts About Slavery

April 26, 2014
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  1. Luella says:

    Soooo much facts! I like it!

  2. abby says:

    not helpful

    1. Bryan says:

      It is helping for a project

    2. Johnathan says:

      your not helpful

  3. Deez Nuts says:


  4. Apple says:


  5. Taylor k says:

    Wow i love the fact about White trash now whenever i say that to my white friends I will understand

  6. Hijari Hanazono says:

    this facts are really fascinating well some of them I already know

  7. This is not a bad website but it don’t gives me good fact
    about slavery

  8. Fanya says:

    Anthony Johnson wasn’t the first slave owner in America, legal or otherwise. He wasn’t the first in North America, he wasn’t the first in the original 13 colonies, he wasn’t the first in the US, he wasn’t the first made a slave owner by a court of law. He was at best the first well known black slave owner in the 13 colonies. Africans started being kidnapped and brought to the amerikkkas in 1501, Florida in 1581 and the 13 Colonies in 1619. Thirty-five years BEFORE the Johnson vs Casor case. Many slaves were “owned” in the 153 years before Johnson took Casor to court.

  9. Fanya says:

    By the time Yasuke entered into Nobunaga’s service he was no longer a slave. Black people were not discriminated against in Japan, he only served as a servant of an Italian Jesuit Alessandro Valignano. Nobunaga praised Yasuke and even admired him, for the Buddha was portrayed in Japanese temples as a black man.

  10. Alex says:

    .love it I’m just a little boy about 11 trying to learn

    1. LaQuisha says:

      how cute . it is smaxing how you are egared to learn about african americans and their history.

  11. fnjv says:

    I think some of these a facts are not true like #6!!!!🧐

    1. Jamal says:

      And you would be wrong.

  12. thanks for this great website it really helps get my information for my project but i think that the info on here should be more related to the achient times of the slaves
    Thanks Anyways!

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