25 Interesting Facts About Sharks

July 3, 2020
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  1. Jerry says:

    9. Killer whales know that great white sharks need to move to breathe, and they hold them upside down in order to kill them. – Source

    This fact becomes so much cooler once you realize it’s so the Orca can eat them. Orcas are the true greatest predators in the ocean and we keep them as PETS. Think about how scary that would be to a shark…

    Also, sharks go docile when you flip them upside down… Missing from this list.

    Love your posts!

  2. Gray Skye says:

    I’m guessing there is an error with 16. A single species of shark kills more humans than all the other shark species combined and it is the Great White shark. It is the Oceanic Whitetip.
    I guess its supposed to be isn’t the Great white, or else you are saying both are the single species

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