25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 1

October 8, 2015
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  1. Sam says:

    I love these old pics, how about adding a bit of a background info for each one next time?

  2. Kibu says:

    I only really know the context/background of the guy pouring acid in the pool.

    On June 11, 1964, Martin Luther King, Jr was arrested for trespassing at the Monson Motor Lodge after being asked to leave from its segregated restaurant. This (and other things) helped spurn on a group of protesters, black and white, to jump into the pool as a strategically planned event to end segregation at motel pools. The pool at this motel was designated “white only.” Whites who paid for motel rooms invited blacks to join them in the motel pool as their guests. This swim-in was planned by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and two associates. The motel manager, Jimmy Brock, in an effort to break up the party, poured a bottle of muriatic acid into the pool, hoping the swimmers would become scared and leave.

    Now here’s the thing. Brock knew full well that the acid he poured in the pool would be harmless. Hell, even one of the guys swimming in the pool at the time knew this. To that end, the gentleman in the pool actually drank some of the water to prove it was harmless. Muriatic acid is undiluted hydrochloric acid and is used in the cleaning of masonry surfaces such as pools. But what people heard was the word “acid.” It did not scare the swimmers, though it seems like it was effective in making the protesters at least nervous — the amount of acid to the amount of water being so small it was mostly safe—and so a cop jumped in to arrest people.

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