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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 109

Here are this week’s interesting historical photos. For part 108, click here.

1. Nikola Tesla, the last photo ever of the famous scientist, 1st Jan 1943.

2. President Kennedy bids farewell to his father, Joseph P. Kennedy.

President Kennedy bids farewell to his father, Joseph P. Kennedy, as he departs the family compound at Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, for what would be their last meeting, 1963.

3. Black citizens attempt to cast ballots while being photographed by police officers for purposes of intimidation.

Greenwood, Mississippi, United States, August 1963.

4. An emaciated boy during the Dutch famine (hongerwinter), the Netherlands, World War II, circa 1944.

5. Reagan and Gorbachev at Reagan’s California Ranch, 1992.

6. Archaeologists open tomb of King Tutankhamen.

Photo by Harry Burton.

7. Colored entrance in Mobile, Alabama, 1956.

8. A false horse, used by Snipers on both sides during World War I.

9. East German soldier helps a little boy sneak across the Berlin Wall, August 13, 1961.

10. The graves of two Scottish soldiers are marked by upturned rifles. North Africa, 5 November 1942.

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