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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 121

Here are this week’s interesting historical photos. For part 120, click here.

1. The Guinness Brewery, Dublin, 1910.

2. Motorized roller-skate salesman in California, 1961.

3. The Soviets opening the gates of the Auschwitz concentration camp after liberating it exactly 73 years ago, January 27, 1945.

4. Using a two-horn listening device at Bolling Field in Washington, D.C., in 1921 before the invention of radar, to listen for distant aircraft.

5. Boy standing in front of fallen statue of Lenin, Ethiopia, 1991.

6. Canadian soldiers returning from Vimy Ridge in France, May, 1917.

7. A one-armed RAF commanding officer, standing beside his all-black Hawker Hurricane.

The Hurricane is sporting his personal emblem showing his amputated arm waving a ‘V’ sign, West Sussex, England, Circa 1941-1943.

8. U.S. Marines at Burgan burning oil fields, Kuwait, 1991.

9. The Lincoln Memorial before the reflecting pool was built.

10. The Avengers, The Jews who planned to kill Germans after the War, 1946.

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