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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 123

Here are this week’s interesting historical photos. For part 122, click here.

1. A game of human chess St. Petersburg then Leningrad Russia circa 1924.

2. SR-71 pilots in pressurized uniforms, 1980’s (Blackbird pilots).

3. Six ft tall Felipe Ramirez-Perez is caught by immigration inspector Richard McCowan as he tries to enter America. San Diego, March 11, 1954.

4. The Hindenburg takes shape, 1932.

5. Chicago Cubs team with mascot, Chicago, Illinois, 1908.

6. Job hunting in 1930.

7. British soldiers storming a North African beach, WWII.

8. USN woman accepted for volunteer emergency service (WAVES).

She is handling a National Cash Register N-530 Bombe decryption machine used for decoding German Kriegsmarine naval cyphers encoded with their 4-rotor “Enigma” machine, Jan. 1944.

9. New York, Mulberry-street, “little Italy”, ca 1900.

10. Empire State Building under construction, 1930.

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