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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 133

11. California Street, San Francisco, 1964.

12. 15-year-old Erika Szeles carrying a PPSH-41 in Budapest during the revolution, 1956.

13. Schoolboy carries unconscious friend away from police retaliation, Yonsei University protest, Korea, 1987.

14. The shаdow of a Hiroshima victim permanently etched into stone steps after the 1945 atomic bomb.

15. First Gucci store in New York, 1953.

16. Sweden switches from left to right-hand traffic, Stockholm, 3 Sep. 1967.

17. Polish resistance fighters operating a captured German half-track during the Warsaw Uprising,14 August 1944.

18. American Soldiers from the Women’s Army Corps saluting Soviet soldier Sofya Petrovskay outside the Brandenburg gate, 1945.

19. Swedish UN Soldier entertaining himself with a slingshot while on guard duty in Congo, September 1961.

20. A USAAF B-25B Mitchell medium bomber.

A USAAF B-25B Mitchell medium bomber takes off from the carrier USS “Hornet” for the “Doolittle Raid”, a retaliatory strike against Japan, 18 April 1942.

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