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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 138

11. Joseph Goebbels, with his famous gesture. c.1934.

12. Australian commando Leonard Siffleet was beheaded on Aitape Beach in Papua New Guinea by Japanese soldier, October 24, 1943.

13. Harry Truman holds mistaken print of Dewey Defeats Truman, November 3, 1948.

14. “The children of the Sultan of Zanzibar Protected by two palace guards,” 1884.

Photography by John Kirk.

15. Students clash with police at Place Saint-Michel, Paris, on the night of May 23, 1968.

16. Street vendor in Chinatown, San Francisco, Late 1940’s.

17. A U.S. soldier mocks Hitler, c. 1944-45.

18. British soldiers surrender to the Japanese Army during the Battle of Singapore, February 1942.

19. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy during the filming of “The Finishing Touch”, 1927.

20. East German workers throwing stones at tanks during the Uprising of 1953.

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