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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 142

11. A Marine Corps helicopter hit by anti-aircraft fire in Vietnam on July 15, 1966.

12. Chemical spray protects firefighter, Greater Burgan Oil Field, Kuwait, 1991.

Photo by Sebastião Salgado.

13. The winner of the Miss Atomic Bomb pageant, 1950.

14. A French Resistance fighter rests against a barricade made of stones from the streets of Paris, August, 1944.

15. A group celebrating juneteenth in Texas, 1900.

16. Werfel, a 6-year old Austrian orphan, beams with unbounded joy as he clasps a new pair of shoes, Austria, 1946.

17. Bud and Temple, aged 14 and 10, bought an Indian Motorcycle with money they earned from riding on horseback adventures across the USA, c.1912.

18. People feeding the pigeons in St. Mark’s Square, Venice, 1890.

19. American Lieutenant Edwin E. Dowell with a Colt 1911 pistol and a French partisan with Sten English-made submachine gun, during a street battle in Marseilles, 1944.

20. German soldier from the 10th Regiment of the SS Totenkopf (wearing a sheepskin coat) on guard on the roof of the Royal Castle in Krakow.

Visible panorama of Krakow, 1940 – 1941.

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  • Seriously, the Austrian kid clutching his shoes has appeared about 6 times in the Historical Photos category.


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