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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 152

Here are this week’s interesting historical photos. For part 151, click here.

1. Civil Rights marchers wearing placards reading, “I AM A MAN” pass by on March 29th, 1968.

2. Dutch resistance members celebrate at the moment they heard of Adolf Hitler’s death over the radio, May, 1945.

3. President Harry Truman stands in voting booth during the elections of Independence, Missouri, 1950.

4. Rain in the Face, a Standing Rock Sioux Chief, in North Dakota, circa 1910.

He fought with Sitting Bull at Little Bighorn in 1876. Photo by Frank Bennett Fiske.

5. German soldiers react to footage of concentration camps, 1945.

6. Time to relax and sunbathe on the beach at Bournemouth, Dorset, UK, on Bank Holiday Monday, August 28th, 1944.

7. Defected Soviet MiG-25 being inspected by American and Japanese officials, 1976.

8. Second Battalion of the IX Coast Artillery Corps demonstrating the hollow square formation used in the event of a street riot, NYC, 1918.

9. President Franklin Roosevelt meets with King Ibn Saud, of Saudi Arabia, on board USS Quincy (CA-71) in the Great Bitter Lake, Egypt, on Feb. 14th, 1945.

The King is speaking to the interpreter, Colonel William Eddy, Fleet Admiral Leahy, the President’s Aide and Chief of Staff, at left.

10. Portrait of writer Leo Tolstoy, Russian Empire, 1897.

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