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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 163

Here are this week’s interesting historical photos. For part 162, click here.

1. Graham W. Jackson Playing “Goin’ Home” for the Funeral Train of FDR; Warm Springs, 1945.

2. Martin Luther King Jr. was shielded by his aides from a mob of hostile whites after being struck by a rock to his head, while leading the march with civil rights demonstrators to protest housing discrimination in Chicago, Illinois, August 5, 1966.

3. Vladimir Lenin and Alexander Bogdanov playing chess during a visit to Maxim Gorky in Capri, Italy, 1908.

4. Pope seconds after getting shot by Ali Agca, May 13, 1981.

5. Robo-Vac, a self-proppeled vacuum cleaner part of Whirlpool’s Miracle Kitchen of the Future, a display at the 1959 American National Exhibition in Moscow, 1959.

6. Police trade shots with barricaded suspect, Los Angeles, Feb. 17, 1938.

7. Ethiopian patriot soldier, 1941.

8. Yugoslav refugees sunning and swimming in the Suez Canal near Camp El Shatt, Egypt, September, 1944.

9. Maura Monti during the filming of the Mexican film “La Mujer Murcielago” (“The Batwoman”), 1968.

10. An American soldier and his Japanese wife in 1950 who met each other during the U.S. occupation of Japan.

They were married the second time in 1950 because their first marriage three years earlier went unrecognized by the U.S.

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