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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 170

Here are this week’s interesting historical photos. For part 169, click here.

1. A team of SAS soldiers in Northern Africa, 1943.

2. King George V meets a child miner in Sunderland, England, 1911.

3. Portrait of residents of the Astrakhan province: Armenian, Kalmyk, Persian, Russian catcher, Kirghiz, Tatar, 1880.

4. Workers blast granite to build tunnels for a hydroelectric project in Australia, 1963.

5. German soldiers held up and disarmed by resistance fighters in Copenhagen, 1945.

6. B-17 bombers encounter heavy flak fire over Merseburg, Germany c.1944.

7. British tourist arrives in Sudan, Africa, 1936.

8. Sledge dogs in Dawson City, during the Gold Rush, 1899.

9. A photo of the astronauts that died in the Challenger Disaster, 1986.

10. Canadian machine gunners using a shell hole to dig in, Vimy Ridge, April 1917.

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